prezents thu terminaashn notes uv the Ex.20, 1John 2:4
= C = O = V = E = N = A = N = T=
C O N F I R M A A S H N   M I N I S T R Y
that thu sacrifise hearfor and the ohblaashn hearuv,
seesd frum 11d, 4m, 2002yrc, until 1d, 7m, 2005yrc.

DANIEL 9:27, , and he shal confirm Thu Covenant with many for wun week, and in thu midst thairuv, he shal cauz
thu sacrifise and the ohblaashn to sees
, , when confirming Thu Flaaming Sord Way Uv Trooth that waz thunderd
frum Sinai, became flesh and dwelt uhmung us, and until Hiz return, Keeps Thu Way Uv Thu Tree Uv Eternal Life that
waz rejected in Eden, Gen.3:24, John 1:14, 14:6. Scholarly Bible Stoodents are uhwair that thu wun week duraashn
hearuv, iz profetic l, being uh week uv yearz that expired at sundown, 1d, 3m, 2012yrc. Thairto, hensforth ohnly
thu pajez hearuv not containing Dan.9:27
mandate informaashn, remain ohpen for vyooing BUT, The Elect
are welcumd to recwest acses to ANY un-published part hearuv, in iether Hairitaje or prescriptiv English.
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All Sorse quotes are AuKJV, The Authorized King James Verzyun and OHNLY Holy Bible.

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