Ahltho I "WELCUM" yor cwestynz, I'll NAHT speec too ANY that hav eezee intrnet acses too "GRAVITAS" Wrld-Nooz hed-liinz, that ahltho reejected incloozyn uv MII wrc thaar-ahn, invocs =NO= reetaleatoree cahnduct frum MEE, for its prahmpt asrshn that this wun and ownlee ministr uv "THEE-EELECT-CHURCH", iz singyoolrlee preedahminant in Hiz Gahd-Apointed Mandaat. <Too thu cwestyn,> "=WHUT= naashn stahrted thu Yoocraaneen wor?", thu frst GREEN "GRAVITAS" lingc heer proviidz thu suprblee colected historical facts bii "Palki", a pro-found-lee adept SCRIPT writer-->Ahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzgPJeYZaOU , ,  -AND-  a 1d7m2022yrc, "END-TIIM", World-Cahndishnz Up-Daat Lingc BII "Palki", iz at--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy-Sgdw4Xfs  In hr naashn, thu Preescriptiv-English Dialect vowel "e" iz ritn with an "i" & thus, hr frst naam uv "Palkee", eevn tho it contaanz NO "e" and iz speld "Palki", and beecuz ahftn shee yoozez thu fraaz, "ACRAHS THU WRLD" that's GLOBL, it's vaaree prahbabl that "THU FLAT RTH SOSIETEE" membrship iz cahmn in India. <> Ahlso, Mii ANSR too thu cwestyn: Iz thaar an UN-mistacablee diirect BIIBL-PRAHFESEE refrens too thu prezent U.S.A. and China srcumstans? ---> YES, but it faavrz InTELijent thaht recahgnishn, beecuz NUN uv thu historical dahcyooments relativ thaar-too, ahr baasd ahn meer "AFTR THU FACT" prefrenshl prspectivz. <> Az prtaanz too Taiwan'z "Sahvren-Naashnhood", historical dahcyooments cnfirm China'z Signatrd nahlej thus, uv thu 40-yrz past, home-land deepartyr uv Taiwan, when winning thu wor that acahmplishd that "Island-Naashn'z" now globalee reecorded historical realitee that iz old-R than thu Rushu & Yoocrain "Blud-Bath" now in progres. <> THANC-fulee thu Quebecor desendants uv Rueben & Rachel havn't eczibited such end-time memoree prahblemz, so that Canada'z founding peepl'z that AHL uv wr fahthrd bii "JACOB", can cahntinyoo in peesful co-eczistens with eech uthr AND thaar southrn bordring naashn that too ahften iz fahlslee reefrd too az thu nahn-ecsistent naashn uv Americu, that wee must asoom Palki at Gravitas didn't hav in hr graad-3 Jeahrafee booc; AHL diirect refrens too "AMERICANz", incloodz AHL uv thu 30-plus naashnz uv Thee Americaz; thaar iz =NO= such naashn ahn RTH with thu naam AMERICA, in prescriptiv English, and AMAARICU in thu Heritaaj Inglish dialect that's speld az pronounsd.

bb   Mii -ANSR- too thu cwestyn: Iz thaar an UN-mistacably d


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(1WELCUM yoo too this intrnet podeum uv Thee Eelect Chrch" thee ONLY Biibl staated chrch uv that naam AND thus, thee onlee chrch GLOBALEE, that speeks with Thu Vois Uv Thu Holee Speerit, az Acts 7:48 and 17:24 cnfrm with thu wrdz: 




reeveelz that thu CJ-Biibl confirmaashn uv
Salvaashn bii GRAAS, iz HOW
PREE-cloodz =THU=CINGDOM=UV=GAHD= and reeveelz
confrming elijibilitee TESTIMONY, too bee ahbveus in our pilgrimaaj conduct record
 beecuz, thu "CUP" that Hiz Fahthr held OUT too Him, with-OUT hezitaashn, , Hee did TAAC
and dringc =AHL= uv, thaarbii Eetrnalee SRtiFIIing "Him-
  bee-TWEEN HEE and Hiz Fahthr-GAHD, az reecorded in 1Timothy 2:5 uv Thu 
Cing Jamez Biibl.  

(2Ahltho WHII and for whut prpus iz thu cwestyn so manee wahnt ansrd, AHLSO, MOST peepl reeject thee historiclee reecorded FACTS uv such az Rev.4:11, Eze.11:20 and Isa.9:7, FACTS that cnFRM Gahd'z WHII and thu PRPUS for Hiz Creaashn uv man that thu Biibl staats iz for Hiz PLEZYRwhen wee prmit Him too LIV and WAHC "in" us, John 15:10, 2Cor.6:16, AND thus prpetyoolee ecstend Himself AND Hiz “relm-uv-thingz RIITYUS Guv-rnment throo-OUT thu yoonivrs Jer.51:19, Isa.9:7, 51:16, Eph.1:11, bii thu SHAARING uv Hiz GAHD identitee AND Hiz vaaree GAHD” NAAM Rev.3:12, WITH ahl whoom ahr deeziirus thus and con-FRM that deeziir bii thaar KJ-John 15:10, UN-waavring, 24/7 cummitment DYRing thaar RTH relm uv thingz (RUT), TRIIL and TESTING pilgrimaaj heer, until thu SOON cncloozyn uv Lucifr'z/Satan'z guvrnment, whiil prezentlee az uv this 3d uv 7m, uv 2021y uv Gregoree'z Roman Calendr, whiil about too ecspeereens thu thrd and forth horsman profesee uv KJ-Rev.6, thee END-TIIM increesd cliimat tempratyr iz testing helthtahlrns and profesee nahlej uv whaar too FIIND thu KJ-Biibl refrens, THU DAA CUMETH WHEN IT SHAL BRN AZ AN UVN, , so yoo'll bee awaar uv preesiislee WHAAR wee AHR in Biibl prahfesee, whiil manee uv yoo ahr being ahbligaatd too ahftn ree-lo-caat too hiir ground, too keep yor baasment AND yor sahcs drii beecuz, planet rth NOW iz aprahcsimitlee 100,000 miilz closr too thu sun that's melting rth's polr caps and reezultantlee, thu cliimat-chaanj can bee NIITHR hahltd NOR reevrsd, aftr MOR uv rth's Crood-Oil staablizing BALAST than twiis thee aprahcsimit vahlyoom uv Thu Graat Laacs, haz been prmanentlee ree-MOOVD and ree-PLAASD with UN-staabl WAHTR BUT, how manee -OR- iz it how FYOO uv us wud preefr thu total =NAHN= avaalabilitee uv whut that treemendus VAHLYOOM uv Crood-Oil ecsTRACshn haz proviided via it's now UN-countabl BILYNZ uv spin-ahfprahducts, whethr TOY-liik cumyoonicaashn deeviisez that in MANEE waaz, ahr yoozd mor for detriment than benefit, -OR- cumbustyn-enjin propeld chaareits that according too Chaptr 2 vrs 4 uv Biibl Prahfet Naahum, whoom wahz prmited too look forwrd frum hiz tiim, reemahrcd that OUR chaareits ahr =manee= and "GO LIIC LIITNING". Granted, that's only 2 uv thee End-Tiim invenshnz that ahbveuslee WUN uv iz reecwiird for thu fulfilment uv KJ Biibl-Book Revelaashn 1:7 =BUT=, , that CRUDE oil BALAST eecwilibreum reelaated substans waz =NAHT= intended too bee reemoovd and brnd and ree-plaasd with =WAHTR= that when miilz UN-drground can NAHT reemaan in its intended eevaporaashn & condensing siicl that maantaanz rth's wahtr reeplenishment that thaarbii neegaats PRMANENT =WAHTR=LAHS= and reezultant drout, , and too thee ecstent uv prmanent disapeerans uv maajr laacs and rivrz. <> "Eve'z secnd dahtr-spirit now ahn R.U.Tpilgrimaaj, , reepeeetedlee ascs "WHII" so MENee uv hr multipl-milynz uv GRAND-dahtrz ahr so cahnstantlee and tortyoouslee abyoozd, when in reecorded FACTthee historicalee inscriibd ANSR too hr ahftn reepeeted "WHII", , iz in Jenesis 3:12: "THU WOMAN THOU GAVEST TOO BEE WITH MEE, WHEN =SHEE= APEERD TOO HAV BEEN GIVN PRMISHN BII YOO AND THUS, DID TAAC AND EET UV THU FORBIDN TREE AND THEN PREEZENTED IT TOO MEE, , , , "  Az iz Jenesis 4:10 reecorded, it's NAHT unyoozyool for thee inr prsn "speerit" too reetaan memoree frum a preeveus pilgrimaaj AND in this instans, ecsept shee bee intenshnalee BLIND, shee'z reeminded with thu prsnl, UN-identicl inheritans that shee witnesez evree tiim shee chaanjez hr shrt when faasing a miror, beecuz it's bahdee, soul-srfas-imprinted with hr left siide having inherited thu "CAAN" jenetics, so that when shee faasez thu judj, shee can-NAHT ahnestlee saa shee had NO proof preezented too hr when ahn hr cncloosiv pilgrimaaj heer.  ("ahn" iz heritaaj-Inglish for preescriptiv English "on". Thee END-tiim, PREESCRIPTIV ENGLISH dialect spelz menee deezrving wrdz with-OUT thaar intended fonetic "AH" sound.) Ahlso, "WION" iz NAHT corectlee repreezentativ uv "WEON" ; in BOTH Inglish dialects, 2-consecyootiv vowelz deemand that onlee thu FRST iz spocen and in cindrgahrtn, that English/Inglish Gramr LAH/LAW iz tootrd with reemembrans help uv thu litl riim, "When 2 vowelz go walking/wahcing, thu FRST wun duz thu TAHCING". Thus, fahlslee indicaating thaar iz an Inglish Gramr LAH that rendrz "vocal" pronunseaashn difrent than "vizyool", , iz cnfyoozing and UN-profeshnl; similrlee, thu fraaz, "all ready" iz NAHT a corect reeplaasment for "prezently", , and wee maa CROSS / CRAHS our yard, thu street, or a page-deepicted continent BUT, with matyr ahbveitee, wee simply MUST go "AROUND" thu WORLD, NAHT across it, ecsept uv cors wee faaled too cumpleet cindrgarten. "Mrelu Frnandez" at CTV, Winnipeg, Canada'z predominently numbr-"1" News station for decadez, iz THIS character analist's NUMBER-ONE reeportr for virtually =PERFECT= expression delivery but SADLY, , since 1933, she'z thee =ONLY= news reporter I've listed thus; "GO" have a listen "Palki"/Pahlcee". n     


(3Ignoring thu multipl deetaalz uv pree-historee that Job 38:7, Jenesis 1:1-2 and Chapter 7, 2Peter 3:6 and Rev.13:8 speek uv, spesific atenshn too our 2022-year WRLD can bee noted in Gal.1:4, Rev.1:6, 20:2 and 21:1 BUT, a preedictivlee  daat too corelaat with in dissrnment uv our prezent profesee calender fulfilment locaashn, won’t bee nown until thu Rev.11:3 witnesez apeer in world nooz hed-linez, prahbablee sumtiim dyring 2022 BUT, beecuz preedicshnz ahr NAHT thu maajr focus uv this ministree mandaat, this meer menshn uv prahfesee informaashn iz intended for onlee thu mental and eemoshnal stimyoolus it proviidz for thu 144K Eelect REMNANT coinsidentlee pilgrim-ajing in this Relm Uv Thingz (RUT) dyring this last sentyree beefor thee END uv tiim, when AFTR that mileneum, thu mezyring uv CLAHC & CALNDR endyrans cahmnlee reefrd too az "TIIM", then CN-CLOODZ AND thus, thee onlee prezentlee profeticlee aplicabl DAAT for Gahd'z "2" End-Tiim Witnesez, iz PRIOR-too 2026 AND preesiislee 3 and a haf yeerAFTR thaar ministree beeginz, it cncloodz with thaar mrdr in Jerusalem AND, , , 

(4) , , thu witnesez prahfesee beeginz three and a haf yeerz prior-too Thu Feest Uv Trumpets 2025-6, and ENDZ at thaar murdred deth, three and a HAFi daaz immeedeitlee PRIOR-TOO Messiah’z reeturn AND thus, thaa whoom Hee caam untoo orijinalee, "Hiz OWN PEEPL having reeJECTed Him, THAA, thu HEE-broo peepl hav NAHT been prmitd an ACYRIT Calndr Acounting uv Hiz reetrn daat AND thus, THAT informaashn iz NAHT available until thee Abahminaashn Uv Desolaashn ocrz, and THAT being 3 and a haf yeerz prior-too Esyooah'z reetrn AND simultaaneuslee, thee A-U-D iz when Thu two Witnesez prahfesee beeginz AND thus, =THIS= spesific website WITNES uv BIIBL FACTS that for thee entirety uv its decaadz uv ecsistens, haz been maad pahsibl bii thu cumbiind efforts uv a man and a woman, haz NAHT at ANY tiim prior too this daat NOR PREZENTLEE, been intended too implii ANY Biibl stated cahnfirmaashn uv this DAD and DAHTR publicaashn, being relativ too thee END-TIIM, Scriptyral Prahfesee uv Thu Two Witnesez, when in fact, mii daughtr Tammy haz funcshnd az thu cheef tecnishn, web-master and reesrch analist, and hr dad thu cumpozr and publishr uv EVREE paragraf heerin.   

(5) Thu King Jamez Biibl iz spesifiid heerin beecuz it iz thee ONLEE Biibl Record that duz NAHT hav thu MOR than eight-thouzand, UN-aproovchaanjez AND, az uv 12d4m2021YRC, mii first CHEC uv thu so-cahld NOO King James Verzyn that thu King-Jaamz Biibl iz NAHT, beecuz uv being thee ORIJINL Biibl =Book=, reeveeld thu NOO meer VERZYN az beeing NO betr than enee uv thee uthr meer vrzynz that atempt too DIS-credit thee orijinl King Jaamz Biibl that iz thee ONLY Biibl that thu cumpiilr uv wahz =MURDRD= "FOR THU CUMPIILING and publishing uv" AND, , ,

 , , , , 
it’s ahbveeus that NUN uv SAATAN'cumpiilrz wr mrdrd for thu publishing uv thaar mentor'z malignment work and FURTHR-MOR, Gahd did NAHT asiin thee END-tiim, cahmpreehensiv cumpiiling uv HIZ and Hiz DISIIPL'z biahgrafee RECORDZ too mor than WUN man AND thaarfor, in ADISHN too thu FACT uv thaar BEING only WUN, in-cahntext-cnfrmd HOLY Biibl, AHLso, William Tyndaal iz thee ONLEE GAHD-APOINTD authr thaaruv WHOOM did NAHT IN ANEE way or manr, reelees "CAHPEE-right for thee introducshn uv a NYOO BIIBL that reegardles uv hyoomanlee lejislaatd leegaliteez, reecwiirz thee orijinl authr'z signatyrd prmishn thus that in THIS instans, iz NAHT PAHSIBL, when thee orijinl authr iz deeseasd. Grantd, even thu KJ-Biibl haz beecum subtly maliined in sum aspects, such az with thee insrshn uv witch-craft and uthr demonic ecpreshnz BUT, with AHL such tacn into acount in cncloosivlee cahmprehensiv deesizyn maacing, ONLEE thu KJ-Biibl reetaanz IN-cahntext cnfirmd, historiclee deefiind lejitimasee in thee eyez uv foundaashn-baased reesrch criteereen authoritee. Doo ceep in miind that WIZDM iz deeriivd frum FACTUAL nahlej, , and that intelijens credibilitee reecwiirz straat liin thaht projecshn and reezning beetween 2 distinctly relativ opinynz, subjects, parametrz or tahpics uv discushn considraashn, such az blac & whiit, pahzitiv & negativ, riit & rahng, alfa & omega, etc , AND that prsnl INTELIGENS iz NAHT a meer colecshn uv informaa-shn; INTELIGENS iz thu prsnl ability too recahgniiz an AXIOM / ACSEUM, whiil simultaaneusly cahmpreehending thu significancs thaaruv.

(6) Thee orijinal Cing Jamez Biibl cumpild by William Tyndale, contaanz more than sufishnt recordz frum thee orijinl scrolz, too confrm az BIIBL stated FACT, that it's at thu cncloozyn uv our trial and testingrth-relm, "identitee-confrming" pilgrimaaj, that "Bii Gahd'GRAAS" AND our Biibl deefined FAATH, that wee “CAN” bee SAAVD =FRUMHell-Fire DAMNAASHN Matt.18:9, Mark 9:47, John 5:29, but, John 15:10 staates that ecsept wee abiid IN Gahd'z LUV, wee ahr NAHT elijibl for Hiz "GIFT UV GRAAS" and ahlso in John 15:10, Messiah instructs HOW too BEE a REESIPEENT uv Hiz LUV: Too ABIID IN MII LUV, OBAA Mii CUMMANDMENTS, LIKE AZ "I" HAV OBAAD =Mii= FAHTHR'Z CUMANDMENTS AND THUS, ABIID IN =HIZ= LUV.” In DIFRENT wrdz and with NO ecsepshn, whethr in ABSENS uv that nahlej or ignoraans uv it, ONLEE =OBEEDEENS= too Gahd'z Exodus 20 Luv-LAH uv Cumandments, dee-FIINz and GARnrz our Maacr'z cahnstntlee abiding LUV UN-too Etrnl-Liif WITH Him, in Hiz SOON cuming Kingdum. Granted, wee AHL hav "EETRNL-LIIF" but our R.U.T. pilgrimaaj cahnduct heer cnfrmz WHAAR wee'll ecspeereens it, whethr with our Maacr -OR- with Saatan.  


(7)  If” spesific uv THU REELIJUS LEEDRZ uv THOZ daaz, had NAHT invaaded thu PRINT shahp immeedeitlee prior-too thu printing and publishing uv William Tyndaal'z wrk, and insrtd FAHLS-hoodz in plaas uv FACTS, William Tyndale'z KING JAAMZ spahnsrd Biibl cahmpozishn too-daa, wud NAHT bee profaanlee maliind with so manee distorshnz, , such az thee insrshn uv "Jeezus" that Esyooah, Immanuel, Thu Christ haz =NO= record uv =EVR= having been adresd bii, until MOR than 2 "HUNDRED=YEERZ= AFTR Hiz asenshn, and then onlee in PRINT, az dictaatd bii THU reelijus leederz uv thoze daaz, and thu Cing Jamez Biibl STAATS CLEERLY that GAHD niithr CAHLD nor SENT them AND, if it BAHTHRZ yoo too reed historiclee cnfrmd FACTS, yoo maa az wel =STAHP= reeding HEER, , beecuz Mii onlee PERSNL wrdz too thu reedrz heeruv, AHR a REEPEET uv thu King Jaamz Biibl record uv Eccl.12:13, John 15:10 and Revelaashn 22:14. Too staat it DIFRENTLEE, =EVREETHING= yoo reed heer, iz meerlee mii ree-PEETing in thu most globalee cahmn, END-tiim, Heritaaj Inglish dialect uv thu maajBiibl recordz, in thaar ahbveuslee orijinalee reecorded calndr ordr.


(8) For FACTYOOL comprehenshn and understanding, NOTE that SALVAASHN bii "GRAAS" iz bii UN-rnd FAAVR, bii totally UN-rnd "GIFT"totalee "FREE uv PRI$E BUT, , it iz “TOONUN uthr than thaa whoom ahr "ELIJIBL" for it AND thus, Esyooah Thu Christ staats that OUR elijibilitee for Hiz GIFT UV GRAAS, iz SUB-ject too -WHETHR- wee ABIID =IN= HIZ LUV and, Hee staats cleerlee, that ABIIDING =IN= Hiz LUV, iz acahmplishd bii OBAAING HIZ EXODUS 20 Luv-Lah uv Cummandments AND thus, IN THOZE vaaree =FYOO= wrdz, GAHD informz "AHL" uv usthat ahl-tho Salvaashn iz “FREE” and thus, with-OUT PRI$E, that AHLso, it's AVAALABL TOO =ONLEE= thaa whoom ahr ELIJIBL for it AND, , that "elijibilitee" for Hiz Gift Uv Graas, iz subject TOO OUR reespectful obeedeens TOO Hiz Exodus Chapter 20 reecorded "Luv-Lah" that thee END tiim deesendants uv Judah GLOBALEE, hav deespiizd and reejected openlee, both vocalee AND in thaar manee and vaareus printed publicaashnz, and during thu fifth Roman Calendr munth uv 2021, reepliid too mee prsnalee, that thaa recahgniiz =NUN= uv thu NOO Testament az being Ahthord bii Gahd AND thus, thaar-bii, thaa deepriiv themselvz uv AHL that Esyooah establishd for them at Calvaree AND, beecuz thaar iz "Eeternal Life Salvaashn" in NUN UTHR, thaa AND thaar children ahr DOOMD, and 1Sam.8:7, Hosea 4:6, John 1:11, 1-14 & Rev.19:13 amung uthrz, reetaan record uv Esyooah'z horendusly TORTURED deth by thu church leedrz uv Hiz own nashnalitee AND, Juda'z END-tiim church leedrz ahn-goingly SHAAR thu blaam uv that historic atrahsitee, bii thaar adamant reejecshn uv Immanuel, Esyooah, Thu Christ AND thaar-bii, thaa taac WITH them into evrlasting Hell-Fire, thaar OWN prefrenshl reejecshn uv thu SICSTH Cummandment having anee UN-reepentant reezult ahn them.       xx

(9For Thu Biibl-stated FACTS consrning “WHY Gahd reecwiirz uv us too taac totally seereus advantaaj uv Hiz WUN-tiim prezentaashn uv "pahzitiv, Eetrnal-Liif SOUL Salvaashn", FRST wee must note HOW it caam too BEE, that AHL uv Hiz OWN prsonallee created, 864,000 hyoomanly embahdeed “spirits, bii thaar OWN prsonal CHOIS, ahr cumpeld to PILGRIMAAJ IN this RELM uv THINGZ Rev.21:7, az EVEREE-one incloosivlee sinse Adam and Eve =AND=, it'BLAS-FEMUSLEE proFAAN HAATred tooWRD our Maacr, that preeVENTS MOR than 83 prsent uv AHL hyoomanlee embahdeed SPIRITS, frum acsepting FACT insted uv FICSHN, frum prefring TROOTH insted uv ERROR, and that beegan PRIOR too Eden, soon after Gahd had reeveeld too Hiz 864,000 spirit-embahdeed personz, (NAHT YET SOLZ) that beecuz Hee had creaated thu Relm uv THINGZ for them too dwel in and potenshalee ahcyoopy "eeternalee", az a GRATITOOD TOCEN too AHL that would honor and obaa Him FAITH-fully, , and aftr sharing this informaashn with them, Job 38:7, thu spirit prson Hee had named Lucifer, prswaaded mor than eighty-three persent uv that 864,000 total cwahntitee uv Kingdom uv Rightyusnes "intended" rezidents, too dee-FECT with "LUCIFR" and beecum "LUCIFR'z" disiiplz AND thus MENTORZ uv "LUCIFR", hee whoom beecaam SAATAN, "thu
fahthr uv liez”, John 8:44 AND thus, reezultantly, aftr that, , , , , , ,

(10 , , WOR brok-out in Heven beecuz uv Lucifer'z deefecshn Rev.12:7, when discuvering hiz Liit compozishn freecwensee waz NAHT flexible az iz hiz Maacer'z AND thus, hee and hiz deefectorz being thus preevented frum ASENDING into Heven for ANY intent or purpus, hiz eevil in-TENT thus, reezulted in Lucifer/Satan AND hiz fallowrz being cast OUT uv Heven, down onto thee rth, WITH five uv every six uv thee eight hundred and sixty-four thouzand spirit-personz Gahd had created, that wr perswaaded by Lucifer too deeFECT WITH him, with Lucifer, for thu purpose uv supporting Lucifer in hiz UN-informed deesizyn too asend into Heven too DEE-throne Gahd and STEAL frum Gahd, Hiz newly created RELM UV THINGZ” and taac control over it and ROOL it BUT, , that =laamattempt too yoosrp hiz Maacer'z” 100% TOTAL Authority, CO$T Lucifer hiz preeveus title uv Liit-Bringr and confined him in TOTAL DARKNESS thaarafter, eeternaly, ecsept for thu minimal liit proviided by thu flamez that NOW hee and hiz cahmradez ahr vaacaashning in thu midst uv. Rev.12:9



(12), thu deefectorz being five-sixths, iz lrnd bii reeding thu record that staats thee AMOUNT whoom did NAHT deefect, iz 144K, that iz wun sixth uv 864K.(thouzand), and that being exactly 83.34 persent uv AHL orijinally created, 864K spirits that thu FRST uv in Gahd'z ree-STORED rth after satan'z senseless deestrucshn madnes when eevicted frum Hevn, down ahn-too thee rth's R.U.T. compozishn freecwensee and thus, THEN "Lucifer", REE-named "SAATAN"beegan hiz RELM UV THINGZ ecsistens, EMBAHDEED in a SRPENT, and Gahd PUNISHD that preeveuslee named Lucifer spirit-prson with thu NEW and totalee OHPOSIT definishn naam uv SAATAN, thu devil, ree-MOOVD him frum hiz former spirit-persn-imaaj and confiind him in thee orijinl srpent-imaj that at THAT tiim, had aproximitlee fifty-two "litle" legz and corespahndinglee "litl" feet, that thu King Jamez Genesis 3:14 Biibl record informz us Gahd ree-MOOVD and frum hed too tail, ree-plaasd with horizontally spaasd "crawling propulshn segments" but, ahn thee orijinal breed uv thu srpent that yet eczists toodaa, -leevd- a fyoo litl nahn-funcshnl legz and feet dangling neer its taal, too reemind us uv that historicl fact that thu smahl-minded author uv Thu Naatyr Uv Thingz televizyn program intenshnaly ignorz, whiil teling hiz vyoorz that hyoomanitee -eevahlvd-, a sientificlee proven "FAHLS"-hood, in that NUTHING in creaashn transgresez thu fundamentl LAH uv fizics that in meer wordz staats: AHL natyrl transformaashnz uv matr, ahr thu direct reezult uv DEE-jenraashn, a braacing-down FRUM thu cahmplex, TOO thu simpl, NAHT a bilding-UP FRUM thu simpl, TOO thu cahmplex. * Ahltho' thu DOWN directiv duz aplii, in THIS instans, it DUZN'T inclood thu Light-Freecwency cahmpuzishn uv satan'z spirit entitee, else hee and hiz cahmradz would bee vizibl too rth dwelrz whooz LIGHT cahmpuzishn freecwensee iz prmanentlee DEE-creesd, AND Glorificaashn uv Thee Eelect, incloodz prsonaly, individyool cntrol uv thaar compozishn freecwensee with-IN thu R.U.T., for thu prpus uv spesific instans reetenshn uv fizicl arrival and deepartyr solemnitee, similarly az iz reecorded uv "Esyooah" aftr Hiz Rezrecshn AND Glorificaashn AND that atribyoot prmits thee (Rev.19:11-forwrdApahcolips Horsmen NAHN intrfeerens dyring thaar seeminglee invizibl mandaat cahnduct.


(13) For increesed comprehenshn, hyoomanity iz in thu MIDST uv "LIGHT" freecwenseez that our telefonz and cumpyootrz hav thu sircutree switching capabilitee too difrensheaat bee-TWEEN thoz that we'r prmited acses too, ELSE we'd bee in thu FOCAL & VOCAL MIDST uv EVREE telefone, raadio, televizyn and cumpyootr transmitted Electromagnetic Freecwensee that until Glorificaashn, GAHD haz prmited us vaaree limited acses too =ONLY= thoz inclooding & beetween thee Ultraviolet and Infrared freecwenseez that in total, amount too less than wun prsent uv thee Electromagnetic Spectrum that AHL thingz consist uv AND, for a BETR mentl prspectiv uv how MUCH uv GAHD we'r prmited IN-sight IN-too thus, seeing az thu Biibl deefiinz GAHD az entiirlee cnsisting uv LIGHT, , thu fizicl mezyrment WIDTH uv thee Electromagnetic Spectrum that we'r in thu MIDST uv, aproximitlee, iz 425 "NANOMETERZ" in width, , and THAT being LES than thu thicnes uv a hyoomn haar AND if =THAT= sientificlee cnfrmd, LES than wun prsent uv thu fizicl cahmpozishn uv GAHD, duzn't str yor deeziir too bee an inheritor uv AHL THINGZ, whut els WUD ???  In noomralz acyrasee, thee ACTYOOL amount LES than wun prsent, iz inscribed az - .0035, and that being 3 & a half wun-thouzanths. Did yoo naht reed whaar thu prahfet discribd hiz outr-spaas jornee in an entiirlee round, pan-cake apeering veehicl, with lahrj, oval-tahped windowz AHL around that Ezeekial prseeved wr EYEZ, a veehicle that haz cahrpeted florz and an anti-grav' shaft at its midle ?


(15)  Thu first reestord-rth”, flesh and blud SOUL record uv Adam Gen.2:7, confrmz NO prsn HAZ a soul, beecuz evree przon "IZ" a soul andthis NOO reecwiirment uv having FLESH and BLUD embahdeements that Thu Biibl record reefrz too az SOULZ, reezulted beecuz uv thu deefecshn that THEN ahbligated Gahd too TEST and PROOV whethr any UTHR uv Hiz "OWN" SPEERIT prsn "imaaj", potenshalee wud eczibit deefectr tendenseez BEECUZ, Hiz intent too creaat an Eetrnal Kingdom uv Rightyusnes Luke 19:12, reecwiirz that Hee “WEED-OUT AHL uv thu NEGATIV speerits, beefor granting ANEE Eetrnal LIIF HAPEENES, Luke 19:12-27, and it’s thu FLESH and BLUD, speerit-embahdeed -SOULZ- Genesis 2:7via which, Gahd acahmplishez thu TRYING, TESTING, and PROOVING uv thee embahdeed SPEERITS thaarin AND thus, beecuz thee intended Kingdom iz too bee an Eetrnal habitaashn for NUN uthr than GAHD’z peepl, Isa.9:7, insted, that orijinalee intended HABITAASHN "LOCAASHN" having been RTH, NOW haz beecum our TRIAL, TESTing and PROOVING TEMPORAL habitaashn that eeventyooalee shal beecum THU lake uv fire for AHL thu deefectorz, Rev.19:20, 20:7-15, 21:8, and for AHL that proov TROO and FAATH-ful, Gahd haz created a NYOO rth undr a NYOO heven. Rev.21:1-8

(16)Adishnalee, in breef, this ecsplaanz whii Adam and Eve were instructed too REE-plenish thee rth, so that ahn cumpleeshn uv Gahd'z identity-confirming, trial and testing untoo DETH uv AHL thaa that had NOT deefected, , AHL such can bee reestord bii rezurecshn and givn thee orijinalee intended, Glorified prsn 
entiteez that hav been with-HELD beecuz uv thee orijinal Liit-Bringer'z deefecshn and ecspulshn frum Heven, down ahn-too thee rth, and until Thee Elect's Ree-brth, reemaan invizible too them, beecuz our UN-glorifiid iiz ahr limited too ONLEE thu freecwenseez within thee electromagnetic spectrum AND, ahl -THINGZ- being cumpozd uv DEE-acselraated LIIT fotahnz, rendrz it ahbveus HOW GAHD haz maad Hiz 4-horsmen (Rev.19:11 forwrd) totalee NONE-vizibl too us prezentlee, 2021yrc, dyring this decaad immeedeitlee prior-too thu spesific Biibl prahfesiid milleneum.

(17)Ahbveusly, NAHT yet having acwiird thu Gen.2:7, speerit-embahdeement BRETH uv LIIF SOULZ beefor being ecspeld frum Heven, thaar prsn entiteez yet consist uv onlee speerit cahmpozishn that iz BEEYAHND thu vizyool caapabilitee uv a SOUL that thu SPEERIT uv iz embahdeed in FLESH and BLUD and thus vizyooalee, iz LIMITED too ONLEE thee electromagnetic spectrum uv COLOR frum dahrcest ULTRA-VIOLET, throo thu dahrcest INFRA-RED freecwensee that in TOTAL, iz LES than "1" prsent uv AHL LIIT vizibl too thee UN-glorified. In diferent wordz, wee can see LES than 4 one thouzanths uv that which in 1John 1:5 and Rev.21:23 in Thu KJ-Biibl record, staats iz whut our Maacr entiirlee consists uv; undrstandablee thus, wee can niithr SEE nor HEER thaa that ahr in our midst, until in thaar Gahd-apointed TIME and ordr, , thaa ahr born-intoo thu R.U.T., in-too thu Realm Uv Thingz that KJ-Rev.21:7 staats Thu Rightyus will INHERIT AHL uv, AFTR acahmplishing thaar trial and testing, Gahd-identitee-confirming pilgrimaaj AND thaar-bii, cnfirming WHETHR thaar INR prsn spirits wr amungst thu deeFECTorz -OR- amungst thu 144K Troo and Faath-ful.





(18)  ==========>> THAT iz how thu oppozits uv GOOD and EEEvil orijinaated and AHLSO, whaar thee ASENDING INTO HEVEN =FOOLISHNES= orijinaated that Satan'z / Lucifr’z ministerz hav been teeching and iz confrmd FOOLISHNES” by John 3:13 that states: NO man haz asended into Heven, ecsept Hee that caam DOWN frum Heven, Hee being thu SON uv Gahd whoom iz IN Heven.”  Granted, thaar AHR recordz that fahlslee inFR Gahd -created- Good and Evil BUT, thee orijinal scrolz staat that Gahd created ownlee thu "POTENSHL" for Good and Evil that eech ree-ZULTS frum individual preferens cahnduct for.

(19) Granted, wee AHR instructed too LAA-UP =TREZYR= in Heven Mat.6:20 BUTWHEN Hee reetrnz, Mesiah BRINGZ BAC too us WITH Him, AHL uv our Hevenly deepahzited trezyrez. Rev.22:12 Even heer ahn RTH, after laying-up monetaaree trezyr in whutever safetee deepahzit box or banc acount, wee doo NAHT MOOV-INTO that deepahzit bahcs too maac yoos uv thu saavingz thaarin.

(20) Reezultantlee, NOW "GAHD" iz in thu proses uv confirming bii individyool prsn, trial and testing, RELM uv THINGZ PILGRIMAAJ TESTIMONEE, WHICH uv us did NAHT deefect with Lucifer/Saatan, so that "IF" and "WHEN" granted Eetrnal Liif with "GAHD" our "MAACR" Rev.21:7, wee'll hav proovn too bee =HONRABLEE= =FAATHFUL= =SRVANTS= TOO TRUST WITH THU GUVRNING UV HIZ noolee created “Relm Uv Thingz” that Thu KJ-Biibl speeks uv az being Thu NOO rth under Thu NOO Hevn, bii prmiting AHL uv Hiz orijinal eight-hundred and sixty-four thouzand speerits, in dyoo cors uv tiim, too ahcyoopii planet rth, thee orijinl locaashn for Hiz RELM uv THINGZ, and proov bii our limited prmishn PILGRIMAAJ TIME heer, WHETHR in life-stiil cahnduct confrmd FACT, we’ll KEEP our prahmis too Him thus, and PROOV that, bii SPENDING our LIMITED TIME uv confirmaashnl Trial and Testing pilgrimaaj heer ahn planet rth, az Hee reecwiirz uv us AND, that simple, TEN-Part reecwiirment iz CLEERLY staated in Exodus 20 uv Thu KJ-BiiblAhlso, see Eccl.12:13 and John 15:10.


(21) Ahltho BOTH deeFECTorz AND NONE deeFECTorz ahr pilgrimaajing heer simultaaneusly, THAT srcumstans proviidez thee ultimate trialz and testingz that thu NAHN-deefectorz RIGHTYUS must endyrMatthew 10:22, too confirm unto our pilgrimaaj DETHwhethr in life-style-cahnduct confirmd FACT, our orijinal prezens amungst thu 144,000 NAHN deefectorz, wahz beecuz uv meer hezitansee uv beecuming invahlvd in a "Lucifr-instigaatedWOR -OR- beecuz uv an UNTOO-DETH deesizyn too bee=fahlower= uv NUN uthr than Gahd and Hiz Psalm 119:172 Rightyusnes. Ahltho DOOing so wud cauz thee 83+ prsent uv rth rezidents too HAAT him eevn MOR, "IF" thu Put-Put 2-strok leedr actyooalee TAACS that concloosivlee FIINL, Ex.20, John 15:10, Acts 7:48, 17:24 & Rom.2:13 =STEP= into a totally bonafide, SON reelaashnship -WITH- thu RIZEN Christ uv GAHD, he'd then bee inspired too prform DYOO disiplship az hiz Maacr diirects.

(22In BREEF reeVYOO heeruv, OUR ORIJINAL SPEERIT cahmpozishn prsonz that az iz CING JAMES "BIIBL" REECORDED"bee-FOR EEDEN," our orijinal, UN-ree-prodoosd cwahntitee TOTALD 8-HUNDRED AND 64-THOUZAND that NOW ahr FLESH and BLUD "embahdeed dyring this END-TIME PRAHFESEE UV THU FOUR HORSEMEN UV THEE APAHCOLIPS, PLUS UTHERZ that ahr reecorded in thu "CING JAMES" BIIBL BOOK uv REVELAASHN 19:11-forwrd =AND= this iz bee-CUZ =GAHD=, =OUR= =MAACR= REE-"CWIIRZ" THAT =AHL= SPEERIT EMBAHDEED PERSONZ =MUST= "PILGRIMAAJ" THUS, TOO CAHNFRM "bii" thaar trial and testing cahnduct reezults heerwhethr thaa ahr srvants uv Lucifr whoom wahz ree-naamd Saatan -OR- UN-deefiled, orijinal srvants uv GAHD and thus, amungst thu 144K that did NAHT deefect with Lucifr. Eccl.12:13 It's NAHT that Gahd iz UN-awaar uv whoom DID or did NAHT deefect BUT, that Hee haz givn EECH uv us this relm uv thingz pilgrimaaj ahportoonitee too PROOV bii individyool, pilgrimaaj-tiim cahnduct HEER, WHOOM wee preefer too bee thee Eetrnal-Life srvants uv AND, having reecorded thu pilgrimaaj uv eech uv us, Hee simply OPENZ that record too us ahn Judjment day.  , , and I saw thu ded, smahl and great, standing beefor Gahd, and thaar pilgrimaaj record books wr opend and ahlso, Thu Book uv Eetrnal Life wahz opend AND, , thu rezrected, preeveusly ded wr judjd bii thu cahntents uv thaar own, pilgrimaaj recordz . . . <<== that rendering iz this publishr'z, Archie'z prezent-day Heritaaj Inglish dialect intrpretaashn; so, too bee shoor I've acahmplishd it corectlee, open yor own CJ-Biibl too thu book uv Revelaashn chapter 20 vrs twelve, and reed it for yorself. NOTE that beecuz wee ahr Gahd'z creaashn, wee ahr HIZ prahprty too DOO with az Hee so choozez AND, Hee haz chozen too prmit AHL uv US too CHOOZ our Eetrnal destinee, whethr in thu relm uv THINGZ that ahlso iz reefrd too az Thu Cingdum uv Gahd/God, or in Hell-Fiir-Damnaashn. CAHNSTANTLEE and with-OUT CHAANJ, frum thu FRST vrs uv CJ-Genesis, too thu LAST vrs uv CJ-Revelaashn, thaar ahr onlee "2" destinaashn AHPSHNZ staated, and thaa being Hell-Fire-Damnaashn that iz thu chozen destinaashn for AHL that "ree-JECT" being a John 15:10 DISIIPL uv Mesiiah, Immanyooel, Esyooah, Thu Christ AND,  Thu Kingdum Uv Gahd being thu destinaashn for AHL that =AHR= disiplez uv Mesiiah, Immanyooel, Esyooah, Thu Christ, at thu tiim uv thaar deth ANDthaar iz "NUN" UTHR SORS uv Eeternal-Life Salvaashn ANEE whaar ELSE in thu yoonivrs AND, thaar iz irreefyootabl historical record uv confrmaashn thus. Isaiah 43:11, 45:5 and 21, , and thee ONLEE =Eeternal=Liif=Salvaashn= SORS, iz MESSIAH, IMMANUEL, ESYOOAH, Thu Christ, thee Eetrnalee mandated "BRETH" uv AHL flesh. Gen.6:17


(23) That's whii wee need thu NOO rth under thu NOO heven, beecuz our prezent rth iz prahfesiid too beecum THU LAKE uv FIRE that AHL uv saatan'z srvants will bee cast intoo, beecuz saatan and hiz srvants choz too dee-FECT insted uv choozing too reespect and obaa thaar Maacr'z suprblee supreem authoritee AND thus, frum our prspectiv, thu total deestrucshn uv rth that reezults amidst thu nesesitee too confrm by trial and testing pilgrimaajwhich uv thee orijinal 864,000 SORS spirit prsonz wr thu deefectorz, beecuz Gahd haz prmited evreewun too maac hiz/hr VAAREE OWN CHOIS uv WHOOM eech uv us preefrz too bee in eetrnitee with, whiil simultaaneuslee prahmising AHL uv Hiz orijinalee created bii Him, SPIRIT prsonz, an end-LESS, AFTER pilgrimaaj reeward in total compliians with Hiz prahmis thus, and in WUN prspectiv, Hiz reewardz ahr identicl, in that EECH iz =EETRNAL=, and thee onlee DIFERENS iz =WHAAR= our chois uv leedr wil BEE, , , with our PREFRENS uv Eeternal Life destinaashn AND, thaar ahr ONLY 2 destinaashnz too CHOOZ frum, thu FRST beeing Thu Kingdom Uv Gahd and thu SECND beeing Hell-Fiir-Damnaashn AND, =NO= wun at ANEE tiim, iz cumPELD too chooz IiTHR Eetrnal destinaashn goal beecuz, wee EECH acahmplish that bii our 24/7, prsnal cahnduct, deesizyn maacing PREFERENS and AHBVEUSLY, EECH prson'z chois uv daalee life-style cahnduct, reeveelz thaar orijinal identity, whethr frum amungst thu deefectorz -OR- frum amungst thoze that did NAHT deefect, , thaa being thu one hundred and forty-four thouzand TROO and Faathful.

(24Granted, wee AHL ecspeereens an "RTH-RELM" UV THINGZFLESH AND BLUD =BRTH= TOO acahmudaat our trial and testing SPEERIT prson pilgrimaaj heer BUT, beecuz EVREE spirit that entrz into a child at its brth, beegan its liif in Heven, when our Maacr created AHL uv Hiz orijinal speerits that with which, Hee had intended too pahpyoolaat Thu Kingdom Uv Gahd too SOON BEE ESTABLISHD AHN RTH BUT, beecuz GAHD'z creaated Light-Bringr deefected and beecaam SAATAN thu DEVIL, Gahd THEN wahz ahbligaated too EDIT Hiz orijinal program and that editing reezulted in Adam being thu frst flesh and bludspeerit embahdeed prson AND, Gahd'z SECND Light-Bringr, too reeplaas deefector Lucifr, beecame Gahd'z VERY own FRST-BORN, FLESH and BLUD SON, Esyooah, IMMANUELMessiah, THU CHRIST, and Isaiah 7:14 iz directlee referensd thus, beecuz Gahd'EDITED plan reecwiird thu hyooman sacrifiis uv Him-SELF that could NAHT bee acahmplishd whiil simultaaneuslee being GAHD, , ecSEPT that sacrifiis bee Hiz vaaree own Son, that in niithr Eden NOR Heven, eczisted, until BORN in thu flesh, too thu Bethlehem Vrjin, SO HEE COULD ECSPEEREENS hiz creaated relm uthingz and THUS, with Hiz SORS entity hereditee, bee-CUM thu -PRFECT- SACRIFIIS too atone for hyoomanitee’z Eden Transgreshn, whiil simultaaneuslee proviiding thu SINGyooLR reePENTans route BAC
"into" an eeTERNAL reelaashnship with Gahd, our Maacr, for AHL deezirus thus, reegardles uv that orijinal quantity uv TROO and FAATHFUL, being onlee a hundred and forty-four thouzand, , beecuz niither thaa nor thaar projenee ahr proovn barren. SEE Rev.7:4-17. MORE KJ-Biibl Proofs ahr avaalabl.

(25) FALSE-lee assooming theez Biibl staated FACTS too bee IM-pahsibl beecuz ahbveuslee, 864K orijinal speerits ahr NAHT sufishent WITH which too embahdy thu BILLYNZ that hav cum OUT uv our ORIJINAL PARENTS, , ignorz GENESIS 4:10 that con-FRMZ EVEREE PRSN born OUT uv our ORIJINAL speerit-sorsd paarents, haz ecspeereensd dooplicaashn reetenshn uv that orijinal spirit, similrly az thu FLESH and BLUD embodiment, prsn-TEMPL haz been REE-prodoosd AND, theez “FLESH” embahdiments uv GAHD'z orijinalee created SPEERITS, Gahd reefrz too az templz” beecuz Hee intendz that wee prmit Him 24/ahcyoopansee thaaruv, for thee ENTIRETEE uv our rth-relm pilgrimaaj, 2Cor.6:16, so that at thee END uv our pilgrimaaj, Hee can feel CUM-FORTABLEE "SHOOR" that WEE'LL =WAHNT= too ree-TAAN Hiz Speerit "IN-dweling" Eetrnalee AND thaarfor, having CONFRMD that realitee Bii our TRIAL and TESTING PILGRIMAAJ cahnduct, at thee END thaaruv, Hee bidz us ENTR intoo Hiz mileneal Cingdomtoo PAHR-TAAC uv THU FROOT uv THU TREE uv EETRNAL Liif thaarin, too ecspeereens REE-brth, az Esyooah Thu Christ eczampld FOR us, when at Calvary, PAYING for Hiz PURCHAS uv us =BAC= frum our Eden disgraas, thu PRIIS uv Hiz GIFT UV GRAAS that iz acsepted Bii =AHL= WHOOM endyr until thaar pilgrimaaj DETH, in 24/7 obeedeens too Hiz Exodus 20 reecorded LUV-LAW Matt.25:21,23. THUS, it's BIIBL-CONFRMD, that REE-brth iz FRUM deth, liik az our ONLY PATRN, Esyooah Thu Christ AND thus, ocrz at thu sucsesful concloozyn uv a trial and testing pilgrimaaj untoo DETH and NAHT beefor AND thus, az iz PROOVN bii Thu KJ-Biibl uv Gahd'z WRD, ,

(26)  , , THU KEE TOO ETRNAL LIIF with our Maacr insted uv in HELL-FIIR, iz obeedeense too Thu Mat.28:18 and John 1:14 Holdr uv AHL power in Heven and rth, az Luke 10:25-28, John 15:10, Rom.2:13 and Rev.22:14 confrm. Whethr YOO plan too EET uv Thu Froot Uv Thu TREE uv Etrnal Liif "IN" THEE IMAAJ UV GAHD az givn in Eedn, 1John 2:7, writen in stone bii Thu FINGR UV GAHD AND transcriibd via MOZEZ, DEUTERONOMY 9:10, AND TAHT bii MESIAH, , IZ =YOR= DEESIZYN but, PRMISHN too enter intoo Thu Holee Sitee, too eet uv Thu Froot Uv Thu Tree Uv Etrnal Liif with GAHD, , too EET uv "THAT" tree that growz thaarin and NO-whaar ELS, iz NAHT pahsibl without Thee Ex.20:1-17, John 1:14 KEE that Deuteronomy 6:25, 11:22, Job 29:14, Ps.119:172, John 15:10, Romans 2:13 and Revelaashn 22:14 confrm iz Thu REE-CWIIRD, HOLY-CRAHSROBE uv RIGHT-yusnes Weding-Gahrment for ahl Mat.22:11-13“Maaraaj-0Uv-Thu-Lamb” atendants whoom ahlso ahr reeferd too az gests”, beecuz thaa honor thee invitaashn too atend.

(27For claarificaashn, if YOO ahr NAHT obaaing Gahd'z LAH, yoo ahr NAHT baaring Thu Holy Crahs uv John 1:14 TROOTH and RIGHTYUSNES AND thus, YOO ahr NAHT waaring Thu ROBE uv Riityusnes Weding Gahrment uv Job 29:14 AND thus, YOO ahr NAHT emyoolaating Mesiah'z John 15:10 Testimonee AND thus for THOZ reeznz, YOO ahr NAHT wun uv Hiz Disiplez AND thus, az a direct and Biibl confrmed reezult, YOO ahr NAHT ELIJIBL for thu Frst Rezrecshn AND thus, beecuz uv reejecting Thu KEE Too Etrnal Liif with GAHD yor MAACR, in-STED uv in hell-fire with Lucifr, satan, thu devil, , , bii neeglecting too bee a disiipl uv Messiah, Thee onlee Givr uv Eetrnal Liif WITH Him, "IN" Hiz Kingdum, HEE Whoom givz it too NUN uthr THAN Hiz Disiiplz, ecsept yoo reepentyor destiny iz damNAAshnSAA-ing yoo'r a CHRISTIAN while ignorning thu reecwiirment uv John 15:10, renderz yoo a disipl uv Lucifr, SATAN, thu fahthr uv LIIZ.

It's THAT Simple !” 

(28Gahd'z LAW uv TROOTH and Rightyusnes, iz Rev.22:14, Mal.2:5-6, Ps.119:172 and Luke 10:25-28 confirmed, and John 1:14 and 17:17 confirm Messiah iz Thee Ex.20:1-17, personified LAW and WORD Thundered frum Sinai, , and 1Tim.2:5 confirmz Messiah iz Thee Only Mediator uv Eternal Life Salvaashn, Hee having instructed Hiz Disciplez in Mat.23:9, too addres NO man ahn rth az Father, and 2Tim.2:15 and 1Pet.3:15 instructs AHL deeziring Christly Disipleship, too =STUDEE= Thu Holy Scriptures ahften, ahn a personal basis, and 2Cor.6:17 cummandz Gahd'z Peepl too cum OUT frum amung ahl that worship in man-maad templez that Acts 7:48 and 17:24 state Gahd duz NAHT dwell in, and John 14:18 and 23 confrm thu hyooman templz uv Hiz Elect, ahr Gahd'z preefrd rthly abode AND, , =THAT= iz =WHY= Hee iz creating A "KINGDOM" uv RIGHTYUSNESS, by BEEing IN thaa that PRMIT Him too "WRITE" Hiz SPIRIT-yool "LUV-LAH"
uv Exodus 20:1-17 TROOTH and Rightyusnes "IN" thaar hahrts and mindz, Jer.31:33 , , I will put Mii LAH in thaar inwrd pahrts, and wriit it in thaar hahrts and thus, I will bee thaar Gahd, and thaa shal bee Mii peepl., this Scriptyralee reecorded fact reeveeling thee AHBVEITY uv GAHD'z Peeple being ONLY thaa that WELCUM thu liif-stiil CAHNDUCT uv Psalm.19:7 converzyn that reecwiirz thu Job 29:14 putting =AHN= uv Gahd'z Ex.20:1-17 and Ps.119:172 Rightyusnes sufishently -EARLY- dyring thaar trial and testing rth-relm pilgrimaaj, az too reezult in a significant quantity uv YEERZ uv a POZITIV life-stiil being writen into thaar testimony books, az too conFIRM that when thaar books ahr opened "IN THU JUDJMENT", thaar pilgrimaaj-tiim cummitment too Gahd'z Waa, iz con-FIRM-abl thaar-bii, unto thaar =DETH=, beecuz, Messiah having Sacrificed Hiz Life for Hiz Elect, pree-deetrminz thu reecwiirment that in reetrn, Hiz Disiiplez must NAHT with-hold thu sacrifising uv thaar pilgrimaje identity confirming liivz, too confirm thaar unto-deth, total commitment too Hiz Ex.20 LAH uv TROOTH and Rightyusnes. See Mat.10:22 and Mark 13:13.

(29Let's not ever forget, that Thu Sinai Covenant Messiah'z Disciplez are commited too, iz a-life-for-a-life, , and Mal.3:6 and Mat.4:4 confirm THAT Covenant YET stands, haz NEVER been with-drawn or annulled, AND SHAL =NEVR= PASSS awaa. Granted, RIGHT-yusnes CROSS-bearing iz NAHT an EEEZZee task BUT, , whut IZ thaar WORTHY uv obtaaning, that =IZ= eezy too acwiir, and that prspective iz confirmed by Messiah'own Wordz in Mark 13:13 , yoo shal bee hated by AHL men, for Mii Naam'z saac butif yoo endyoor too thee end, yoo SHAL bee SAAVD frum hell-fire damnaashn, eetrnal liif with satan, , beecuz AHL uv thee orijinalee creaated 864,000 spirits that wee AHL hav deesended frum, , wr creaated EETRNAL, "NAHT" temporal.


(30Also, by its future tense verb uv SHAL bee saaved, this referens confrmz Eeternal Life Salvaashn WITH GAHD "IN"-dweling, iz a potenshl, END uv rth-relm pilgrimaaj, PAHZITIV identity-confirming reeward that renderz LIARZ, AHL uv thaa that claam too bee reesipeents uv Eetrnal Life Salvaashn prezentlee, prior-too having finishd thaar trial and testing pilgrimaaj, disipleship cors uv identity-confirming servitood. Thu Glorified Christ Uv Gahd, iz Hiz Elect's ONLEE Biibl-Confirmed Patrn and exampl, and Hee Being REE-born FRUM THU DED” az Col.1:18 confirmz, , renderz absoloot FOOLZ, AHL that CLAAM too bee REE-born, when YET ALIIV and NAHT having DIID ! ! !

(31NOTE that Eetrnl Liif Salvaashn iz NAHT obtainabl by reepeeting a fyoo wordz az iz taht by heethn reelijn, Mat.6:7, but iz “granted” too nun uththan thaa whoom endyoor unto deth, in thaar reecwiird triial and testing, crahs-baaring, identity-confrming pilgrimaaj, a reecwiirment that iz ignord by AHL deth-bed reepentrz, and Messiah states that if yoo reefyooz too baar until deth, thu reecwiird Holy Cross uv Hiz Ex.20:1-17, Sinai Thunderd Rightyusnes, yoo ahr NAHT worthy uv Hiz Sacrifiis in yor sted AND thus, thu fizical life Reedempshn that Hee prchasd for yoo at Calvary, shall bee burned-away frum yor spirit thaarin, at thee end uv tiim, and yoo'll bee cast into thu laak uv fire and expeereens liiv creemaashn uv yor FLESH and BLUD soul and yor spirit shal ecspeereens eetrnl hel-fiir damnaashn.

(32Az iz confirmed in Psalm 119:105 and Hebrews 10:16, Thu =LAH= part uv Exodus 20, haz Spiritual aplicaashn beecuz it instructs toowrd Psalm 119:172 Rightyusnes and Psalm19:7 Convrzyn, bii molding thu hyooman spirit uv AHL whooz valid praar so reecwests, and Prov.28:9 confirmz thu prayerz uv thee un-reepentant, ahr an abahminaashn, reepentans being thu CHAANJ frum yor own definishn uv trooth and Rightyusnestoo that dictated by Gahd'z Ex.20:1-17 LAH uv Cummandments, and dilijent consrn thaar for iz mandatoree, beecuz Ex.20:6 confirmz Mrsee iz naht aplicable in absens uv obeedeens, and Rom.2:13 confirmz only thu DOORZ uv Gahd'z LAH shal bee justifiid, and Rev.22:14 confrmz onlee thee obeedeent too Hiz Sinaii Thundrd LUV-LAH uv Eetrnl Liif Salvaashn, shal hav prmishn too enter into Thu Holy Sitee, bii Thu Gaats thaaruv, too EET uv THU FROOT Uv Thu TREE Uv EETRNAL Liif that GROWZ thaarin and NO-whaar ELSE. In DIFFerent wordz, yoo MUST ARRIVE, , , =AT= THU =GAAT=, , , too bee escorted thaar-intoo.

(33)  Stated DIFRENTLEE for TOTAL CLAARIFICAASHN, bii NAHT obaaying AHL TEN pahrts uv Gahd'z EXODUS 20 "LUV-LAH", YOO REEVEEL that yoo hav NAHT reePENTed =AND= thus, yoo ahr NAHT converted too Gahd'z Waa =AND= thus, yoo ahr NAHT wun uv Messiah'z Disiiplz =AND= thus, reegardles uv how many reelijus tearz and profaan bablingz too thu cahntraaree, everee praar yoo utr, iz an abominaashn =AND= thus, until yoo DOO reepent, if EVER, , yor eeventyool destiny iz Hell Fire Damnaashn with satan.  It's  THAT  Simple !

(34) Beecuz more than ninety-nine persent uv AHL that enter my hous, would bee prmanently offended at mii least menshn uv whut thaar Maker reecwiirz uv them, in cumplians with Deut.11:20, this testimoneal notaashn iz posted in my rezidens, whaar it can NAHT pahsiblee bee missd, and ahlso too eliminaat for AHL whoo see it, just cahz for anee ecscyoos uv naht having had ecstreemlee eezee acses too Thu Kee Too Eternal Liif Salvaashn, and beecuz 1Cor.6:20 confirmz yoo ahr thu prsonal prahprtee uv yor Maacr, , ecsept until yor deth, YOR daily life stiil iz in habityooalee strict cumplians with Gahd'z LAH uv TROOTH and Rightyusnes, YOO'LL bee amungst thu sweepingz uv yor Maacr'z shahp flor, and az John 15:6 confirmz, yoo'll bee swept-up and burned in hell fire, at thee end uv yor liif-stiil testimonee book wriiting that this rthly pilgrimaaj proviidz ahportoonitee for, az Mat.25:41, 2Pet.3:7, Rev.20:12 and 21:8 confirm, , and beecuz Dan.9:4, Eccl.12:13, and 1John 5:2-3 confirm hyoomanitee'z onlee prpus and dootee, iz that uv daalee honoring and obaaing Gahd, by dilijent obeedeens too Hiz Ex.20 LUV-LAH, ecsept with AHL pahsibl dilijens, yoo applii Gahd'z LUV-LAH 24/7, yor destiny iz hell-fire damnaashn AND thus, now that yoo ahr sufishentlee informd, yoo ahr totalee with-out ecscyoos. Deuteronomy 6:25 states: , it shal bee our Rightyusnes, if wee =DOO= AHL theez Cummandments beefor Thu LORD our Gahd, az Hee haz Cummanded us. John 15:10, If yoo OBAA MY Cummandments, yoo shal abiid IN Mii luv, even az I hav obaad Mii Fahthr'z Cummandments and thus, , abiid in Hiz luv." , and Malachi 3:6 reecordz Jehovah Gahd az staating: I AM GAHD; I doo NAHT chaanj!

(35) Stated diferentlee agaan for adishnl claarificaashn, if yoo ahr =NAHT=, with AHL pahsibl dilijens, obaaing AHL ten pahrts uv Gahd'z 2 Graat Lahz, yoo ahr =NAHT= abiding =IN= Gahd'z LUV and thus,  yoo ahr abiding in satan'z clutchez and thus, yor eventyool destinee iz Hell Fiir Damnaashnn

(36) So that yoo may post it in YOR dwelling, , via thee adress at thu bahtm heeruv, yoo maa reecwest a vrbaatim dooplict uv this notaashn that's baasd ahn thee orijinl King Jamez Biibl, beecuz that ONLY orijinl BIIBL iz without thu more than 8,000 chanjez, manee uv which, Rev.22:19 confirmz ahr profaan. Az an eczampl, if yor biibl haz thu wordz -WAHSHD- or -ROBEZ- in Revelaashn 22:14, it iz a maligned mere verzyn and thus, one uv thu manee profaan publicaashnz promoted by such az thaa discriibed in Mark 13:6.

(37) Too ecsplaan breefly, in adishn too thee authorz uv profaan alteraashnz uv Holy Scriptyr, rendering themselvez fyootyr subjects uv Thu LAKE UV fiir, attempting too reeseev Eetrnal Life SALVAASHN, by wahshing yor spirityool robz, even 'though that ecspreshn iz meerlee a figyr uv speech, it plaasez a negativ connotaashn ahn Gahd'z WORD that for MANee, cud reezult in hell-fiir damnaashn beecuz, yor own robez ahr NAHT acseptabl, regardles uv how much wahshd, beecuz yor prezent robe uv self-detrmind TROOTH and rightyusnes, must bee reeplaasd with Gahd'z Robe uv John 14:6 and Ps.119:172 TROOTH and Rightyusnes, thee ONLY Robe caapabl uv cuvring yor transgreshnz, Job 29:14, Rom.13:14, Eph.4:24, beecuz it alon, iz thu Rob uv Hiz Sacrifishl Blud, and that Etrnal Life Salvaashn reecwiirment can bee lrnd and acahmplishd in deetaal, ONLEE if yoo reepent uv yor UN-Gahdly liif-stiil and emyoolaat Messiah'z John 15:10 Testimony. Hee iz Thu WUN and ONLEE, AHL powerful, Mat.28:18, Scriptyralee confirmed Gahd Entity exampl wee ahr Cummanded too fahlo, AND thaar iz NUN uthr, whethr deecn, pastr, preest, or rabbi etc., AND, asembling with or beefore anee such, labelz YOO az THAA, beecuz Gahd plaanlee staats Hee duz =NAHT= dwel in man-maad templz. Acts 7:48 and 17:24

(38) If yoo ahr deezirus uv beecuming a Scriptyralee confirmed Disiipl uv Thee AHL Powerful Christ, yoo shud beegin by frst heeding 2Cor.6:17, uncondishnalee, and then memoriiz Gahd'z LAW uv Cummandments that John 1:14 confirmz Thu Christ repreezents and portrayz, , and then yoo should lrn Thu Biibl confirmd definishnz uv Rightyusnes, Sin, Reepentans, SalvaashnSpirit-BrthSpirit-brth-Inheritans AND, THU KINGDOM UV GAHD, AHL UV WHICH AHR available on reecwest, and dyring which studee, yoo'll beecum awaar uv thu John 3:13, Scriptyralyee confirmd =FACT= that NO wun asendz into Heven, ecsept Hee Whoo caam down frum Heven and thus, yoo'l bee awaar that AHL whoo teech asending into Heven at deth, ahr srvants uv satan that Isaiah 14:12-14 confirmz thu profaan intent and prpus uv, iz too asend into Heven on thaar OWN definishn uv rightyusnes, too taac over Gahd'z Throne, whiil atempting too atract millionz uv utherz too fahlo them, Rev.12:4, az waz/iz satan'z profaan attempt that reezults in hell-fiir damnaashn for hee and hiz kind.

(39) Ahlso, yoo should considr thu many Biibl proofs uv thaar being NO Crown without a Crahs, and, uv thaar being NO Crahs amidst absens uv reespect for Gahd'z LAH. Taaking up Thu John 15:10, total commitment Crahs uv Christlee Disipleship Testimonee, reecwiirz that frst yoo cum OUT frum amung AHL heethn reelijn and hiird preests or sheprdz, OUT frum amung AHL that GO too church, insted uv BEE-ing a conseecraatd, flesh and blud hyooman templ vesl uv GAHD'z IN-dwelling, Exodus 20:1-17, Ecclesiastes (ee-cleez-ee-as-teez) 12:13 SPIRIT uv Deut.6:25, Psalm 119:172 and John 15:10 abiding Rightyusnes uv Gahd's HOLY SPIRIT untoo EETRNAL LIIF SALVAASHN. ((Heritaaj-Inglish spelz az pronounsd.)) Atempting GAHDLEE wrship, whIil reetaaning membrship with, or continyooing too reespect that which 2Cor.6:17 cummandz yoo too abandon, invokes Revelaashn 3:16. Don't forget; thaar iz onlee WUN Eetrnal Liif Salvaashn Meedeatr and THAT Meedeatr iz Hee Whoom iz at thu HELM uv total power in Heven and rth. Mat.28:18 Iithr yoo heed Hiz Wrdz and reeseev HIZ Blesingz, -OR- yoo ignor Hiz Wrdz and reeseev Hiz crsingz

(40) Preferens for an UN-rezurected or reelijus organizaashn "hiird" preest shephrd/meedeaatr, iz preefring damnaashn beecuz, thaa discriibd in Jer.14:14, ahr thu saam az thaa discriibd in Mat.24:5 and Rev.22:18-19. In Mat.10:38, Gahd saaz, , , hee that duz NAHT taac up hiz own crahs and fahlo Mee, iz NAHT wrthee uv Mee." See Rev.2:10, Jamez 1:12, 1Pet.5:5, 2Cor.6:16-18, Micah 3:11, Mat.25:46, Mal.2:2, Eph.1:3, Prov.10:6, Deut.28:2, etc., etc.. Fahlowing after uthr than, -OR- in adishn too Thu wun-and-ONLEE GOOD Shephrd, destinz yoo for damnaashn beecuz, thaar iz onlee WUN Eetrnl Liif Salvaashn Meedeatr, Hee being Messiah, Thu Col.1:18 confirmedREE-born and Glorified Christ uv Gahd Whoom abhorz shaard alleejans AND, Thu Christ Uv Gahd duz NOT acsept being addressed az iether a pig-farmer or a swine-keeper, az in Greek, jesus & jeezus directly reefer too AND, it waz thu -GREEKS- whoom orijinally SADDLED Him with thoze TITLE naamz, WHEN Hee waz frst TAHT thaar AND, THAT waz NAHT until MOR than 200 YEERZ AFTR Hiz asenshn, and un-TIL that tiim, evree historical record adresez Him reespectfulee az Esyooah, thee AH sufix extenshn, reespecting Hiz SON UV GAHD" Title and thus, iz thu PRAAZE form uv adressing Him, insted uv meerlee az "Esyoo".

(41) Altho thaar yet reemaanz ahn thee internet, dificult too find confirmaashn uv when thu REEVIZED King James Copyright THEFT ocrd and introdoosd az NEVR BEEFOR publishd in thu Biibl, thu profanitee uv adresing Messiah az a swine-keeper and/or a pig-farmer, and even openly and blatantly ADMITS that in thee intro' paragraph, , beecuz uv thu criticly seereus ahbveitee uv this tahpic, it iz MOR than sufishentlee ahbveus that thu REEDR MUST attend too it, beecuz it's MORE than AHBVEUS, that Hee Whoom haz INSTNT acses too BOTH endz and AHL in thu MIDST uv Hiz Etrnl Liif Salvaashn program, wud NAHT dezignaat thu naaming uv Hiz Son, in a manr that wud prmit End-Time jeneraashnz too eeezily constroo it profaanly. I DOO openly and very sadlee ADMIT, that only a fyoo daaz bac, I waz informed that most uv thu Greek recordz I had orijinally obtaand that informaashn frum, decaadz bac in my ministry, NOW hav been reemooovd frum internet acses, , , but regardless uv most relijnz proclaiming such FALSE-hood az "jesus" being a correct =GREEK= langwaaj translaashn uv Esyooah”, THIS minister uv "Thee EELECT Church" iz proclaaming it ABOMINABLE too ADRES Esyooah, Immanuel, Messiah, Thu Christ, in uththan Hiz hyoomanlee inherited nashnalitee naam.


(42) Wud YOO welcum being cahmnlee adresd bii a FOREIGN translaashn uv yor naam that iz NAHT ahn yor BRTH srtificit? Wud YOO bee mentally SAAN too NAHT bee OFENDED and inSULTED bii such practis ?

(43) Az uv 30d4m2021y, when cwestynd ahn thu profaan constrooment uv Thu Christ's orijinalee givn naam, I went too my forty-yeerz old GREEK SORS NOTES contaaning thee internet adresez whaar bac-THEN, I'd obtaand that informaashn frum totalee repyootabl sorsez, and had witnesd its confirmaashn thus, and discuvrd that NUN such hav endyrd thu preshrz uv this END-time sosietee that MOR than aatee-three plus prsent uv being Lucifer oreented, hav reemooovd ahl thu preeveus internet sors informaashn I'd listed that reeveelz how Messiah haz beecum so pahpyoolrlee identifiid profaanly and AHBVEUSLEE, bii HIIDING ahl such, , satan preeVENTS it frum being discuvrd, so that whutever fyoo uv hiz kind deezirus uv deefecting into Messiah'z fold, ahr thus UNNN-noinglee preevented when directd too praa-too and wrship via historiclee confrmed profaan naamz.

(44)  So, hens-forth, NOW having NO redilee acsepabl sors informaashn AHN this Biibl-Baasd internet podium too reefr yoo too in cahnfrmaashn uv thu historicl FACTS prtaaning too thu profaan, END-TIIM naaming uv Mesiah, thu reedrz must maac thaar OWN deesizyn az too WHETHR thaay'CHANS adresing
Thee ONLEE-SAAVYR az a drt-pig or swiin-keepr, insted uv az LORD ESYOOAH or MESIAH, -OR- if NAHT thu studeing kind but YET wahnting too bee 100% TOTALY-SHOOR uv yor John 15:10 baasd cummitment NAHT having anee SPAHTS or WRINCLZ too blemish yor Rightyusnes Rob, yoo can AVOID AHL such consrn bii adresing Thu Saavyor az Mii Lord Mesiah, Eph.5:27, beecuz eevn thee orijinal translaashn sors consrning Mesiah'z orijinalee givn naam, haz been profaanlee ahltrd too staat AZ IF factyooal, that Thu Fahthr inspiird spesific prsonz too naam Thu Christ profaanely AND thus, with thee orijinal SORS recordz profaanlee maliind, eech readr heeruv iz reecwiird too acsept thu reespahnsibilitee uv prsonal disrnment, beecuz I can NAHT now, fiind thu FOREIGN GREEK translaashn uv Esyooah'z naam, in ANEE uv thu cronahlujee listingz NOR in anee uv thee historicl recordz, until MOR than 2-HUNDRED =YEERZ= AFTR Hiz asenshn, AFTR hiz naam waz chaanjd too SWIIN derivativz.

(45)  Ahlso, thaar ahr Biibl stoodents whoom insist that Hiz naam containz a "J" symbol, when in fact, thu HEBREW alfabet duzn't hav a "J" AND, after hourz uv studee on this tahpic and in-depth consultaashn with MODERN day Rabbi Linguists whooz orijinal rezidential base iz Jerusalem, WUN such whom I reecahl az being Hee WHOOM, I took thu direct adviis uv, when looking mee straat in thu faas and with a luvingly jentl smiil reepliid, Archie; prsonaly, I prefer thee ESYOO and ESYOOAH English languaj spelling and pronunseashn, beecuz it duzn't hav thu DEEP-throat guteral Hebrew language "sound" that most people don't welcum., and ever sinse then, THAT's thu WAA I've been SPELLING and proNOUNSing and teaching it too bee spelld and pronounsd, and frum thu podium I staat, SIMPlee proNOUNS thee English Alphabet symbolz uv S and U, consecyootivlee and smoothlee, and yoo're pronounsing it correctlee, , and thu sufix “AH sound iz similr too a loud YAWN, and vaaree significantlee ecspresd thus, az if sudenlee srprizd with Hiz prezens at yor siid. <> Beecuz reesent jenraashnz uv Canadianz ahbveuslee arh NAHT awaar, I tell yoo HEER, that NO alfabet contaanz iithr charactrz or letrz; it's onlee PRSONz that hav and AHR thu charactrz”, whoom orijinalee formd symbolz too creaat thaar langwaaj alfabet that WITH which, thaa asembl wrdz and cumpoz sentensez too cumyoonicaat bii wriiting LETRZ.

(46) Too assist ahl English Speaking people whoom ahr NAHT uv thee OLD stock Canadianz that AHL uv wr schoold in fahnics, alfabet symbolz that dictaat inter-reelaated pronunseaashn in thee orijinal heritaaj Inglish dialect, in Preescriptiv Inglish, it's reecwiird too spel and pronouns az teechdictaated, reegardles uv whethr gramr lawz ahr reespected, and that reezults in such insaan teeching az speling uv az of, that THEN cntaanz NUN uv thee alfabet simblz it's correctlee pro-NOUNSD with, insted uv FRST PREE-deetrmining in conjuncshn with 2Tim.2:1, that it reelee IZ baasd ahn historicalee foundaashnl FACT, beefor adahpting it into yor daaly habit and liif-stiil, az reelijus organizaashnz AHL AROUND thu glob hav dun AND thus, profaanlee eczibit how LITL IN-DEPTH Biibl Study thaa'v acahmplishd, whiil standing beehind thu podeumz in thu MAN-MAAD templz whaarin, Gahd staats in Acts 7:48 and 17:24 Hee duz NAHT abiid NOR did CAHL or SEND thaa that ofisheaat thaarin BUT, historicl AND prezent daa FACT cnfirmz that AHL reelijnz AHN RTH, preefer too CHANS Gahd acsepting them into Eeternl Liif with Him at thee END uv thaar triil and testing pilgrimaaj heer, when continyooing too adres Hiz Son with thu pig-fahrmr and swiin-keepr tiitl naamz. Even yoozing only thu sufix "SUS" pahrt, wud adres Him az a DIRT-PIG! Granted, ecsept by intens studee and reesrch, it's dificult now too cnfirm such facts, beecuz thu world beeing fiiv-sixths pahpyoolaatd bii saatan'z kind that ahl uv preefr too REE-taan and MAAN-taan FAHLS-hoodz insted uv FACTS, beecuz THAAR chois uv leeder iz thu frst deefector, LUCIFER, thu FAHTHR uv LIIZ, az Thu Biibl cnfrmz, hee whoom waz REE-naamd SAATAN and tossed OUT uv Heven onto thee rth, WITH thu fiiv-sixths uv thee orijinalee created speerit prsonz that AHL uv, amount too eight hundred and sixtee-four thouzand that sinse Eden, hav been treemenduslee frootful in thaar jeneraashnz uv untold BILYNZ”, but ahr niether SEEN nor HRD bii hyoomanitee'z LIMITED siit and hearing raanj that wee can SEE only thu color spectrum ecstent uv and HEER onlee frum forty too aprahcsimitlee 14,000 hertz BUT, thoz disiiplz uv Saatan deefectorz AHR prezent, reegardles uv our NON-abilitee too iethSEE or HEER them, OR thu Revelaashn 6:4 profesee would NAHT prezentlee bee in eefect too cauz peepl too indiscriminitlee KIL eech uthr, az now iz witnesd (year 2020 plus) ahn neerly EVREE nooz cast, & thu WHII thaarfor pree-seedz Rev.6.

(47)  Thu documented fact iz, that after Glorificaashn, Thu Riityus ecspeereens Eetrnal Liif in Thu Kingdm Uv GAHD that Isa.9:7 confirmz shal bee establishd ahn rth, prior too being REE-located, az ahlso iz confrmd by thu fact that thu meek shal inherit thee rth, and wudn't hav any prpus in that inheritans, if aftr rezrecshn and contraaree too Biibl declaaraashn, thaa asend into Heven. Note that John 3:13 saaz: , , no man haz asended into heven, ecsept Hee that caam down frum heven, Hee being Thu Son Uv Gahd Whoom iz in heven.” Granted, thaar IZ confirmaashn uv an eeventyool MAS rezrecshn asenshn prior-too thee rth beecuming a =LAAC= uv FIIR but, , "that's" NAHT thu consrn priority uv THIS ministree.

(48) Aftr obtaaning a jenyooin Cing James Biibl, yoo'll hav acses too AHL that yoo reecwiir nahlej uv in that CJ BOOK and thus, no reezn whut-so-evr too bee deeseevd, if ahlwaaz, yoo reemembr too study it daalee, in an ordrlee maner, maacing and ree-maacing notes that yoo can reetrn too for reepeeted proozal and cnfirmed ashoorans uv being in Spirityool subjecshn TOO nun uthr THAN yor Maacrthrooo Messiah, Hiz SON, thu wun and ONLY Meedeator uv Eeternal Liif Salvaashn, 1Tim.2:5,

(49) , , and thaar iz NAHT so litl az a direct Scriptural incloozyn uv thu muthr uv Messiah, having thu leest invahlvment in anywun'z obtaanment uv Eternal Life SalvaashnBUT, , thaar -iz- Scriptyral confirmaashn that speshl reespect for Marythu muther uv Messiah, introdoosez "shaard" alleejans and thus, reejecshn frum elijibilitee for Eternal Life Salvaashn; this simple fact uv Scripturalee Confirmed reality izn't stated too in anee waa dis-credit Messiah'z Muther that thu globally srcyoolaated paantingz uv so wimpishly disgraas hr reel countenans that iz Biibl Confirmed az being uv ahbveuslee commendabl enjendrment, and NAHT weec-minded and sicklee apeering. In Mat.28:18, Messiah duz NAHT inclood Hiz Muthr az shaaring in Hiz powr, authoritee, and or GLOREE, and niithr duz HEE aneewhaar in Thu KJ Biibl record.

(50)  Matt.28:18, Esyooah spoke, , saaing AHL powr iz givn unto Mee in heven and in rth.

(51) 1Tim2:5, thaar iz "1" Gahd & "1" Meedeator beetween Gahd & men, Hee being Immanyoel, MessiahEsyooah, Thu Christ;

(52)  Revelaashn 22:14, Blessed ahr thaa that DOO Hiz Cummandments, that thaa maa hav Right too Thu Tree uv Eetrnal Liif in Thu Holee Sitee Uv Gahd, and maa entr inthroo Thu Gaats too pahrtaac thaaruv.

(53) Rom.2:13, naht thu heerrz uv Thu LAH ahr just beefor Gahd but, thu doo-rz uv Gahd'z LAH shal bee justifiid.

(54)  Thu Robe Uv Rightyusnes that wee ahr reecwiird too put ahn too beecum Scriptyralee confrmed Disiiplz Uv Thee Ahl Powrful Christ, iz deetaaled in thu 20th chapter uv thu secnd maajor secshn uv thu KJ Biibl, that iz entitld, Exodus. Paarafraazd for simplistic eezs uv reemembrans, Gahd'z FRST Fiiv Cummandments that form Hiz FRST GREAT LAH, reecwiir that wee LUV Thee Etrnal Gahd with AHL uv our being, and that reecwiring that our life-style eczibit total reespect for Gahd, for Hiz Imaje and for Hiz Liicnes, Hiz Naam, Hiz Sabath Memoreal Uv Creaashn, , AND for Thu PARENTS throo whoom, Hee granted us temporal erth-relm eczistens, trial and testing pilgrimaaj entrans.

(55)  Az iz Mat.22:36-38 parafraazd and Ex.20:1-12 deetaaled, Gahd'z FRST Graat LAH that's contaaned in Hiz Frst Fiiv CUMMANDMENTSstates: Yoo shal LUV Thee Eternal Gahd with AHL yor hahrt and mind and thus, with thee entiretee uv yor flesh and blud soul and, , , 

(56) , , az iz Mat.22:39-40 paraphrazed and Ex.20:13-17 deetailed, Gahd'z SECOND Great LAH that's contaaned in Hiz LAST Fiiv CUMMANDMENTS, staats: Yoo shall LUV yor naabor az yor-SELF, bii Cummandment 6, that uv abstaaning frum mrdr, so az too eczibit reespect for and naht covet, that iz, too NAHT lust after nor in any manr deeziir yor naabor'z liif, and bii Cummandment 7, that uv abstaaning frum adultree, so az too ecsibit reespect for and naht covet, that iz, too naht lust aftr nor in any maner deeziir yor naabor'z wiif, , and bii Cummandment 8, that uv abstaaning frum theft, so az too ecshibit reespect for and naht covet, that iz, too naht lust aftr nor in anee manr deeziir yor naabor'z prahprtee or pozeshnz, and bii Cummand-ment 9, that uv abstaaning frum iidl talk, liiz, cheeting, and AHL formz uv deeseet, so az too ecsibit ree-spect for and naht covet, that iz, too naht lust aftr nor in anee manr deeziir too hahrm or deestroy yor naabor'z repyootaashn, and in concloozyn, bii Cummandment 10, that uv abstaaning frum AHL formz uv cuvetusnes, this TENTH Cummandment inclooded thus too simultaaneuslee negaat ANY form or manr uv thu sin uv covetusnes that iz naht ecsplisitlee staated in thu preeveus 4 Cummandments. Also, see 1Thes.4:8 and if yoo deeziir prsonl asistans with Biibl studee, yoo're welcum too contact mee via eMail.

(57)  In ovr-vyoo prspectiv, Thu Biibl referensez uv Heebrooz 4:14, 5:9-10, 7:26 and 8:1, cnfrm AHL need for pastorz, preests and rabi, waz trminaated when Messiah asended too Thu Fathr'z Right Hand, whaar frum Hee tore open acses too Hiz Temple'z most Holy Chamber, , Hee now being Thu Father'z only advocate, Hee grants nun uther than Hiz Elect Holines, beecuz thaa worship Him via that torn vaal opening, meeting with Him thaar, whaar Thu Mercy Seat iz anchored on Thee Ahrk uv Hiz Eternal Life Salvaashnn, Sinai Thunderd Covenant that's reecorded in thu Biibl Book uv Exodus, chapter 20 AND, , it's vitalee important too NOTE that beecuz Gahd reejects DIVIDED srvitood aleejens, , iithr yoo srv HIM and NUN uthr -OR- Hee REEJECTS yor uthrwiiz elijibilitee for Hiz GIFT uv GRAAS entrans intoo Eternal Liif with HIM, in Hiz Kingdum, az Mat.6:24 confirmz.

(58)  So, hensforth, iithr yoo beecum a disiipl uv Thu Christ uv Gahd -OR- reemaan a srvant uv saatan AND, beecuz disiplz uv Thu Christ beecum Hiz HYOOMN templz whaar-IN Hee abiidz, 24/7, az MUCH az yoo'l prmit Him, and beecuz that iz reeveeld bii yor deegree uv Ecsodus 20 reespect, it's for THAT reezn, that yoo ahr NO mor prmited too GO too whutevr church/templ beecuz, yoo AHR thu HYOOMAN templ whaar-IN hensforth, Thu RIZEN Christ uv Gahd ABIDEZ, =IF= in AHL that yoo THINC, SAY, and DOO, yor daalee liif-stiil manner and cahnduct iz guvrnd Bii Gahd'z Ex.20 Cuvenant stated reecwiirments uv maantaaning yor disiiplship cumitment too HIM and HIM ONLEE bee-CUZ, , ,

(59)  , , , yoo can NAHT FAHLO and BEE a disiipl uv NUN uthr THAN Thu Christ, when practising DIVIIDED alleejans bee-TWEEN Him and whutevr UTHR mentor and ahlso, beecuz disiiplz uv Thu Christ ahr membrz uv Hiz scripturalee deeclared "SCATRED flahc" whoom ahr so fyoo and far beetween az preevents them frum cahngregaating, yoo ahr blatantlee violaating yor disiiplship mentoring cumitment too Thu Christ, when grooped within whutevr congregaashn uv whutevr uthr kiind uv worshipprz AND thus, eczibiting a SHAARD alleejans and profane "2" mastrz aproach too Gahd'z Kingdom.

(60)   Disciplez uv thee ONLY Givr uv Eeternl Liif Salvaashn, doo NAHT GO too church beecuz thaa AHR thu HYOOMN templz uv thee Eetrnal Gahd, whaarin Hee dwellz; so, iethr yoo ahr a disciipl uv Thu Christ, thee ONLY Givr uv Eternal Liif Salvaashn -OR-, yoo're a disciple uv whoomever else AND, beecuz thaar ahr only "2" speerityool roadz too chooz frum dyring yor rth-relm pilgrimaaj uv identity proving, it iz BII yor 24/7, daaly liif stiil manr and habit uv intrnal speerit uv prsonl deeziir and practisd intent, that yoo eczibit WHICH uv thee onlee "2" rohdz uv pilgrimaaj identitee prooving yoo'chozn AND, beecuz thee only Givr uv Eetrnl Liif Salvaashn duz NAHT prmit DIVIDED aleejians disiplship, Hee WITH-HOLDZ Hiz GIFT uv GRASS-ful entree intoo Eetrnl Liif, frum AHL whooz pilgrimaaj cnfrmd identitee reeveelz UN-cumited and or DIVIDED alleejans.

(61)   Doo note thus, that too get UP too Thu "Mersy-Seat", reecwirez elijibilitee thaarfore, by worshiping Him 24/7, via Hiz OWN, John 15:10 "Testimony-Ecszampled" obeedeens too Hiz Sinai Thundrd Covenant beecuz, without Thu Covenant, there would bee NO Messiah, Thu Covenant Messenjer, and that without Messiah, there would bee NO Savior and thus, NO Eternal Life Salvaashn, and that iz why thee entirety uv thee only gospel taught in thu KJ Biibl, thee only in-context confirmed Holy Biibl, entirely iz based on Hiz Ark Enshrined, Eternal Life Salvaashn Covenant that thu fourth part thereuv, confirmz that in ABSENSE uv totally cummitted, 24/7 reespect for Hiz Memoreal Uv Creaashn, Seventh-Day SABATH Temporl Rest, yoo'll NAHT partaac uv Hiz Eetrnl Rest.

(62)  YesHiz Mercy duz endure forever but, endurans and elijibility are entirely different attributes and, in absens uv 24/7 reespect for Hiz Sinai Thundered LUV Law uv Malachi 2:5-6, John 15:10, Romans 2:13 and Rev.22:14 confirmed KEY too Eternal Life Salvaashn, yoo're not worthy uv Hiz mersiful Graas AND thus, NAHT being elijible therefore, yoo'll bee cast into hell fire with thu vast majority uv humanity that duz NAHT wahnt Eternal Life in Gahd'z Kingdum, az iz profesied in referens too Noah'z dayz, Mat.24:38. Thu Biibl referensez heretoo, confirm Salvaashn bii Graas reeferz too HOW and NAHT whether, and whether iz clearly reevealed in such referensez az Romanz 2:13 and Revelaashn 22:14 amung vaarius uthrz. Thu very Sors uv Eternal Life Salvaashn statesIF YOO OBEY MY COMMANDMENTS, YOO'LL ABIDE IN MY LUV., and uther uv Esyoo'z / Messiah'z wordz confirm damnaashn iz thu reeward for AHL that doo NAHT abide in Hiz Luv.

(63)  If yor rezidenshl mortgaje holder gave instruction on whoom too make yor mortgaaj payments too, until hiz reeturn too grant yoo pozeshn, and yoo made AHL uv thoze payments too an entirely different person, cud yoo ever ecspect too claim ownership? Similarly, ignoring thu cummand too study and show yorself an approovd diserner uv Gahd'z Wordz, shall deepriiv yoo uv AHL right too claim Eeternal Life Salvaashn. 2Tim.2:15 

(64)  NOTE that beecuz thaar iz NO historical record uv Esyooah Thu Christ being addressed az jesus or jeezus, until more than 200 yearz =AFTER= Hiz asenshn, AHL intended cummunicaashn with or too either jesus or jeezus, iz abominabl beecuz uv being frum an UN-reepentant hahrt, Prov.28:9, Mat.6:1-13. It waz thu Greeks that profanely assigned Esyooah thu swine-keeper and pig-farmer titlez az Hiz naam, when frst taught thaar, beecuz thu fonetics uv thaar langwaaj, hav NO allowans for pronunseaashn uv Esyoo in a vocally similar manner too that uv how it's pronounsd in Hebrew. By pronounsing thee English alphabet symbolz uv S and U, too-gether con-sec-yoo-tiv-lee and smoothly, yoo're pronounsing Messiah'z name uv Esyoo, and by ading thu sufix AH alfabet symbolz and sound too it when addressing Him, yoo're ecspressing reespectful PRAISE uv Hiz Majesty, Thu Prinse Uv Pease and Son Uv Thu Most High Gahd TOO whoom, Thu Father Granted AHL power in Heven and on Earth. In Romans 2:13, thu world'z most often quoted Biibl writr staats, ONLY THU DOORZ UV THU LAW SHALL BEE JUSTIFIED., and in Rev.22:14, thee only disciple that stood WITH Messiah, when Hee wahz brought befor Pilot, staats: BLESSED AHR THAA THAT DOO HIZ CUMMANDMENTS, THAT THAA MAY HAV RIGHT TOO THU TREE UV ETERNAL LIFE AND MAY ENTER IN, THROO THU GAATS, INTO THU SITEE; (TOO PAHRTAAC THAARUV).

(65)   Reezultantly thus, if yor worship manner or conduct involvez and or reespects uther than Thu Father'z only Biibl confirmed advocate, yor worship thus profanez Messiah'z Calvary Sacrifice, on thu factual basis uv thu KJ Biibl record uv Gal.6:17 that cummandz Gahd'z people too cum OUT uv AHL reelijus organizationz too bee reeseevd by Gahd. Thu KJ Biibl record uv Galations 6:17, Cummandz Gahd'z People too cum out uv AHL reelijus organizaashnz too bee reeseeved by Gahd, beecuz yoo CAN'T reeseev UV Him, until yoo've been reeseevd BY Him and, beecuz history confirmz Messiah waz never profanely addressed az iither jesus or jeezus, until profanely so-naamd thus by thu Greeks, when Hee waz first taught thaar, -MORE- than 200 “YEARZ =AFTER= Hiz asenshn and THEN only in PRINT, ignoring that factual, historicalee cnfirmd reealitee shall CO$T yoo total absens uv AHL potenshl for being SAVED by Hiz GRAAS, beecuz jesus AND jeesus ahr thu Greek title words for swine-keeper and pig-fahrmr, , and even thu SUFFIX, sus part uv jesus, in thu Greek language, iz deefined az dirt-pig. Granted, I can NAHT prevent saatn sorsez frum cauzing MY wrdz heer, too appeer false, bii noting whaaruv I maac historical refrens thus, and then FALSE-ly up-daating ahl such recordz az HAZ been acahmplishd in past instansez.

(66) Also,,1John,2:4,,states: Hee that sez, I know him. ,,while NOT HABITUALLY obeying AHL TEN uv Gahd'z Cummandments, James 2:10iz a liar.", beecuz uv NAHT consistently having Gahd'z LAW uv TROOTH in him, and Thu Biibl sez AHL LIARZ ahr disiiplz uv saatan, thu fahthr uv liez AND with thu saam destinee.

(67) Thus, Gahd'z Word confirmz AHL disciplez uv orthodox and AHL uther heathen relijionz that ahl uv reefuse too obey Gahd'z CummandmentsAHL such ahr LIARZ, destined for damnaashn. If theez Biibl FACTS cauze yoo too bee angry at this publisher, YOR reesponse thus provez how very shallow-minded yoo ahr, when being angry at MEE, for merely quoting Biibl writerz frum thousandz uv yearz bac in calendar tiim.

(68) So, KEEP in MIND, that thu DEFINISHN  uv CHRISTIAN iz, disciple uv Messiah” AND thus, , a
person whoom iz Christ-LIKE in John 15:10 eczampled life-style cahnduct, and beecuz Thu KJ Biibl confirmz NUN uv thu memberz uv =ANY= organized relijion, ahr Disciplez uv Messiah Thu Christ, whooz only orijinally reecorded naamz ahr Immanuel and Esyooah, NUN uv thu membrz uv organiizaashnl relijun ahr within THU DEFINISHN UV CHRISTIAN, ecsept profanely, az haz been ree-deefined by thaar church leader, AHL uv whooz disciplez ahr srvants uv satan, az thu previous Roman leader, J.P.Wadjtyler openly admitted in hiz globally published reemark, Sumbody'z gotta doo that job!, , when asked if hee waz aware uv being thu person-subject uv thu Biibl referens in thu Biibl Book uv Revelation Chapter 13 profesee.

(69)  Regardless uv whoomever makes yoo aware uv theze Biibl stated FACTS, thaa stand Eternal, beeyond thee end uv time, and whether yoo acsept or reeject them, iz YOR deesizion and reevealz thaarbyWHOOM yoo ahr a SRVANT and DISIIPLE uv and AHLSO, that in Biibl confirmed FACT, Yoo ahr NAHT a Biibl Confirmed  "CHRISTIAN", ecsept YOO BEE a disiple  uv NUN-uther than IMMANUELESYOOAH, Thu MESSIAH and Christ uv GAHD, Thee ONLY Biibl Confirmed SORS Uv =Eternal=Life=Salvaashn= AND, az AHL dilijent Biibl students ahr awaar, John 3:13 confirmz NO one ecsept Thu Christ, , , , , , , enterd into Heven aftr deth.

(70) Genesis 2:2-3 and Ex.20:8-11 confirm thu calendar WHEN and WHETHER uv Gahd'z SABBATH uv physical, temporal REST, and Malachi 3:6 confirmz calendar duration AND thus, that this BIIBL stated FACT HAZ NAHT and WIL NAHT CHAANG, EVER. AHLSO, John 15:10 and 14 confirm failure too reespect Gahd'z "7th-daa" TEMPORAL REST, neegates partaking uv Hiz   ETERNAL LIFE Salvaashn "REST" WITH Him, IN Hiz Kingdum. 

(71)  Ahlso, Rev.22:18-19 confirmz Eph.2:8 speaks too HOW and NAHT WHETHER ! In DIFFERENT wordz, thu GIFT uv Gahd'z GRAAS, iz HOW Gahd'z Salvaashn uv our Eden created soulz iz accomplished AND, John 15:10 states WHETHER” wee can BEE a reesipient thaaruv. Stated dif-ferentlyEeternal Life Salvaashn =IZ= a "GIFT" =BUT=ONLY "too" thaay that ADOPT and habitually apply and eczibit Messiah'z John 15:10 Testimony in thaar daily life style conduct, and that being thu Biibl-Staated reecwirement that's labelled REPENTANS, that in ABSENSE uv, Luke 13:3 confirmz yoo'll perish in hell-fire damnaashn.

(72)  AddishnaleereeSPECTing ANY calendar daat laabeldHOLIDAY, eczibits DIS-reespect for AHL BIIBL staatd =HOLY= daaz that thu heathen expression "HOLIDAY" iz a profaan con-strooment uv, , az iz MOR than "AHBVEUS" by AHL grammaticl contracshns uv "Holy-Day". Ahlthoh Jer.10:1-4 PLAINLY identifiez thu most common, GLOBALY selebraatd HEATHEN seazn, yoo should doo yor OWN Biibl Study reesrch too LRN that Immanuel, Esyooah, Messiah, Thu Christ waz born in thu "Springgggg", , , NAHT in thu midl uv winter.  

(73) Thu miniml quantity uv Eelect memberz Mat.18:20, Jer.3:14, uv Hiz END tiim, scatrd-flock Eelect chrch uv thu frst REE-born Heb.12:23, duzn't permit them too congregate and thus az profesied, thaay worship ALONE or in twoz or threez, UNTIL gathered toogether in thu wildernes plaas uv safety Rev.12:14, AND, theez KJ Biibl facts confirm that if YOO ahr pahrt uv whutever reelijus congregaashn, THAT fact ALONE, confirmz yoo ahr NAHT wun uv Gahd'z Elect memberz uv Hiz END time, wildrnes Church uv Thu First REE-Born BUT, that duz NAHT preevent yoo frum heeding thu Gal.6:17 cummand too beecum a disiipl uv Thu Master'z Flock AND thus, an Eelect member uv Hiz END time, Col.1:18 wildernes Eelect Church uv Thu Frst-REE-Born frum thu DED.

(74)   Ahlso, if yor relijus culturing haz reezulted in thu mental rupture uv a non-scriptural rapture AND thus, cauzed yoo too think yoo'll bee taken "OUT" uv instead uv THROUGH whutever profesied trials and tribulationz az iz prahmisd bii Thu Savior, =THAT= iz yor chois uv Biibl wordz interpretaashn by satan'z servants, az Mat.10:22 confirmz --> ", , when thaa deelivr yoo up, taac NO thaht uv how or whut yoo shal speek beecuz, it shal bee given yoo in that saam hour, whut yoo shal speek, , , and thu bruther shal deliver up thu bruther too deth, and thu dad thu child, and thu children shall rize up against thaar parents and cauze them too bee put too deth, , and yoo shal bee hated by AHL men for my name'z sake, , but, hee/shee that endureth too thee END, shal bee saved". (frum hell-fire damnaashn.) Rizng too meet Messiah AT HIZ REETURN, containz NO least inference uv ANY such PRIOR, -rapture- occurrense AND, , , that "rapture" expreshn izn't even --IN-- thu KJ Biibl.

(75)  Addishnalee, if yoo ahr wun uv thu millionz that satan haz deeseeved into being totally convinsd yoo hav BEEN REE-born, althoh NAHT having followed Messiah'z supreme eczample uv ree-birth, by having been ree-born frum thu ded, thaar iz nuthing in this messaaj that preevents yoo frum maintaaning yor preferens uv atempting entrans into Eternal Life Salvaashn by following UTHER THAN thu wun and only master plan and eczample that Thu Son Uv Gahd haz provided for AHL uv Hiz Elect. Ahbveusly, wee AHL must chooz beecuz NO one ELSE can doo that FOR us AND, if yor chois iz uthr than az Gahd Himself haz directed and cummanded yoo too chooz, in that case, yoo're ignoring thu blatantly ahbveus reality uv ahl such az John 15:10, Romanz 2:13 and Revelation 22:14 BUT, that, entirely, iz YOR bisines that NO one else haz ANY least right too interfeer with and niether doo I, thee END time messenjer hereuv whooz individually convinced beeleef iz Biibl stated and that beeing: THU KEY TOO ETERNAL LIFE "IN" GAHD's Kingdum, IZ OBEEDEENS TOO GAHD'z LAH, az Eysooah Thu Christ cleerly staated in Mark 10:17-21.

(76)  Granted, if yoo were az profanely cultured in modern English expressionz az I waz, yoo ahlso may reecwire a number uv munths too eventually sucseed at dis-continuing thu blatantly common profane use uv Gahd'z naam, by insted, habitually substitooting thu bac-then cahmnly OLD English ecspreshnz uv I IZ or I BEE, IF such az Exodus 3:14 and 20:7 hav any WRINCL or BLEMISH significans too yoo in yor perspectiv uv whut Gahd reecwirez uv Hiz Elect, AND, this iz only ONE aspect uv thu daily life-style eczamplz and PROOF uv having HEEDED ahl such az Romanz 2:13 that states, ONLY thu DOOERZ Uv GAHD'z LAW, SHAL BEE JUSTIFIED., , BUT, , , if YOO feel totally CUMFORTABLE too bee DISreeSPECTfully insrting Thee I-AM NAAM-UV-GAHDmultipl tiimz in EVREE conversaashn, DON'T let MEE intrfeer with YOR preefrd reespect for AHL ecsept Thu THRD Cummandment.
(77)   Also, IF yor earth relm pilgrimaaje goal iz eventual ENTRANS INTO HEVEN, yoo will NAHT find ANY guidans thus in thu KJ Biibl that proclaimz: NO MAN HAZ ASCENDED INTO HEVEN, ECSEPT HEE THAT CAME DOWN FRUM HEAVEN. John 3:13 Ascending intoo HEVEN waz Lucifer's orijinal idea and intent that reezulted in him being cast OUT uv Heven ontoo thee earth, and hiz name chanjed too SATAN, thu devil, thu FATHER uv lies and BEAST uv Rev.13 that thu catholic leader openly admits being thee end-time repreezentativ uv, with thu wordz, Sumbody'z gotta doo that job!. Isa.14:12, Luke 10:18, and heer ahn earth, AHL uv hiz negativ teachingz dahminate reelijn with hiz profane doctrin uv entrans into Heven after deth, reegardless uv negativ pilgrimaaj conduct that hiz servant's say will bee totally ecscyoozd, IF at deth, yoo say yoo're sorry for NAHT having conducted yor pilgrimaje respahnsibly; that's what's called a DETH-BED reepentans that in EVERY case, reezults in hell fire damnaashn beecuz, Heb.9:27 confirmz that AT deth, thaar iz NO more trial and testing pilgrimaje time too CONFIRM an EMPTY wordz mere VOCAL reepentanse az being comprehensivly jenyooin.

(78)   Ahl uv Thee ELECT Servants uv Gahd ahr pilgrimajing heer ahn Earth, too confirm thaar preferense for Eternal Life IN Thu Kingdom Uv Gahd, thee ahportoonity that thu yung rich man uv Mark 10:17-21 reejected in preferens uv TEMPORAL life that ecspirez at deth and reezults in hell fire damnaashn. For more Biibl confirmed FACTS, direct yor cwestionz too thee adress at thu cloze heeruv, and yoo'll see further proof that NONE uv mii reepliez inclood UTHER-THAN Biibl Confirmed FACTS that yoo can read for yor self in ANY KJ Biibl. 

(79)    Messiah'z SACRIFISHAL BLUD ccuverz thu 1st-John 3:4 Biibl definition uv SIN AND, for ONLY thu PERMANENTLY reepentant, and for thu sole purpose uv permitting entrans into THU KINGDOM UV GAHD, whaaringlobal KING, Messiah shal engulf AHL world governments Rev.11:15, and rool planet earth for a thouzand yeerz, and at thee END thaaruv, AHL that hav lived, inclooding Adam and Eve, shal bee comprehensivly and concloosivly JUDJED via thu cahntents uv thaar testimony books, az too WHETHR thaar earth relm pilgrimaaj conduct record renderz them potenshl reesipeents uv Eternal Life Salvaashn -ORhell fire damnaashn. Dan.7:10  Also, see Mark 10:17, Luke 19:12, 23:51 and Acts 1:3 that ahr only four uv vaareus Biibl referensez that reeveal Gahd'z Purpose for us heer on planet Earth, IZ too GET for Himself, thu KIND and quantity uv PERSON subjects reecwired too ACAHMPLISH hiz intended objective UV A KINGDOM UV RIGHTYUSNES, , and beecuz AHL kingdomz ahr guverned by Rule Uv Law, Hee haz made known too AHL potenshl reesipients thaaruv, thee Ex.20 LAH UV ETERNAL LIFE WITH Him that MUST bee personally applied 24/7, too CONFIRM too Him, thu DEPTH uv our DEEZIRE FOR ELIJIBILITY uv Hiz Calvary Earned Salvaashn that iz obtaand BY Hiz Graas that Romanz 2:13 so plaanly reeveelz thu total elijibility reecwirements uv. =THAT= iz thu Biibl stated PURPOSE for thu temporal habitaashn uv planet Earth BUT, , ,

(80) , , IF yoo've chozen thu most common orthodox teaching uv a deth-bed reepentans too escape hell-fire damnaashn ahn, it's ahbveus yoo didn't consider thu potenshl uv Eternal Life in Thu Kingdum Uv Gahd, az being worthy uv thu time reecwired too search it out and apply Thu Biibl definishn uv REEPENTANS FRUM Thu 1st John 3:4 Biibl definishn uv SIN that reecwirez calendar duration uv personal life style conduct confirmaashn that in fact, personally applied reespect for Messiah'z John 15:10 Testimony ECZAMPLE, iz whut yoo've acsepted az THU Biibl confirmed AND mandatory reecwirement uv PRIOR significans, uv personally applied, calendar duration incloozyn too CONFIRM Thu Biibl definishn uv personal reepentans cahnduct that applicaashn uv, permanently ECSPIRZ AT deth AND thus, reezults in a DETH bed reepentans consisting uv nuthing more than =EMPTY= wordz, beecuz thu deth-bed hopeful reesipeent thaaruv, haz NO more trial and testing pilgrimaaj tiim too confirm PERSONAL conduct reespect for Messiah'z John 15:10 eczample az having been preferred, adopted, AND 24/7 APPLIED, az Mat.10:22 & 24:13 confirm iz reecwired for an acseptable reepentans confirmaashn tiim beefor deth; ahbveusly, NAHT reepenting unTIL yor TIIM uv deth, confirmz yoo've NAHT endured in reepentans UNTIL yor deth.


(81)   AHLso, beecuz AHL END-Time Eelect Church membership reecwirez UN-inhibited, throo thu veil worship, it's viitallee important too totally understand Thu KJ Biibl orijinated and deefined fraaz: Throo Thu Veil


(82)   Note thus, that prior too Messiah'z Sacrifice, Gahdly worship waz accomplished by mentoring thu local preest and heeding hiz Gahdly Inspired teechingz beecuz, until Messiah'z Sacrifise, Gahdly Worship reecwired reespectiv Temple Atendans under Thee Authority uv Thu Preesthood preeziding in eech area and ahlso, yearly, hous-hold headz and ahl mature men were reecwired too pilgrimaaj too Thu Jeroosalem Temple, whaar-in wahz contained Thee =AHRKUv Thu =COVENANT= consealed with-in Thu Most Holy Chaambr uv that foremost temple and, Thu MOST Holy Chamber WAHZ such, beecuz it contaand Thee =AHRK= Uv Thu Sinai Thundered Cuvenant and that being Thu Sacred Storaaj Plaas uv Gahd'z  Stone Inscribed, Exodus 20, Contractyool Agreement with Hiz Chozen people."

(83 Thee Ark Uv Thu Sinai Thundered Covenant IZ Thu Storaaj Box that containz Thu Stone Inscribed Covenant that at SinaiGahd Made with Hiz chozen people, and set-up over themThu Preest-hood administraashn that =UNTIL= Messiah'z SACRIFIIS, ministered unto thu people consrning =AHL= with =IN= Thee =AHRK= Uv Thu CUVENANT, that beecuz uv its =MOST= Holy Significans, thee engraaving thaaruv, waz kept conseald in Thu Most Holy Chaamber uv that orijinal temple structure, and THU HIGH PREEST thaaruv, wahz apointed thu cahnstant reesponsibility uv cumyoonicating, whut Thee AHRK contaand AND Thu significans thaaruv beecuz bac then, only Thu High Preest could READ and RITE but NOW, , with Thu Temple Veil OPENED and Gahd'z people cummanded too Learn reading and riiting, too maintaan and pass-on Gahd'z TROOTH too thaar children, eech uv GAHD'z people NOW haz acses too enter INTO Thu Most HOLY Chamber uv Gahd'z TEMPLE, too cumyoonicate directly with Thu Word-Ahrk uv Gahd'z Covenant WITH Hiz chozen people, and memorize Thu stone-engraved WORDZ
thaarin and thus, by 24/7 aplicaashn thaaruv, confirm acseptans uv Thu Sinai thundered Word
that beecaam John 1:1 and 14 Messiah born FLESH that dwelt amung us.

(84)Staated differently, Thee Exodus chapter 20 reecorded TEN character ingredients attributes
transcript UV Messiah, ahr stone-engraavd deescriptivly, too acahmudaat Thu hyooman spirit eating and drinking, taking IN thaaruv, so that in symbolizm FACT, wee CAN az cummanded in John 6:53, EAT uv HIZ flesh and DRINK uv HIZ Holy BLUD, by abzorbing thu symbolizm essens thaaruv and 24/7 aplying it ahn a daaly Life-Style pilgrimaaj basis, keeping in mind that Gahd'z Calendar Dayz NAAMZ ahr thaar NUMBRZ and, , that az stated thaarin, each day consists uv an EVENING and a MORNING and, , that eech day BEEGINZ and ENDZ at SUNDOWN, and that Gahd'z Sabbath iz thu SEVENTH day, and, that reespecting ANY calendar date that's commonly deescribed az a holiday, renderz yoo abahminable in Gahd'z Eyez, beecuz EVERY -holiday- iz an INTENTIONALLY PROFANE constrooment uv thu wordz HOLY-DAY.

(85) Thus, until Messiah'Sacrifiis, Gahdlee Worship reecwiird templ atendans that inclooded an anyool pilgrimaaj too Jeroosalemn, whaar Thu Templ wahz locaated and contaand in its MOST HOLY chambr, Thee AHRK uv THU CUVENANT but, beecuz uv and sinse Mesiah's Sacrifis, AHL uv that worship prosedyr formalitee NOW iz and un-TIL Mesiah's ree-TRN, prPETyooalee TRminaated, for Thu Biibl Staated reezn that Messiah Asended too Thu Riit Hand Uv Thu Fahthr AND thus, wahz apointed Hiz Eelect's WUN and ONLEE High Preest AND Rabi Advocat WITH Thu Fahthr, Hee NOW diirects AHL manr uv Gahd-Ordaand Worship methudz and prosedyrz, AHL uv which bac THEN, wr contaand within Thu Vaal and yet ahr, ecsept that NOW, beecuz Thee Elect's High Preest and Rabii iz Thu Rizen and Glorifiid Christ Whoom asended too Thu Right Hand Uv Thu Fahthr, too thens forth prform az Hiz Eelect'z =ONLY=ADVOCAATE= WITH Jehovah Gahd, reeZULTantly, , 

(86))beecuz NOW, too acahmudaat that reecwiirmentHee tor-open Thee Ark Conseeling Vaal thaaruvtoo giv Hiz Elect un-hindrd acses thaartoo beecuz NOW Hee requirez Hiz Eelect WORSHIP HIM AND HIM ONLEE, THROO THU FORMER AHRC Cahnseeling vaal-acses thaar-too and thus, now thaa'r reecwiird too worship Messiah, thaar "Gahd-Apointed" High-Preest and Rabbi 24/7, by EATING and DRINKING -UV- that WHICH Hee PROVIIDED FOR them, via Hiz Calvary Sacrifice in THAAR sted, that thaar-bii, prmited Him too Asend into Thu Most Holee Chaambr Uv Jehovah'z Templ in HEVEN and thens-forth, prform az Hiz Elect's ONLY "Gahd-Ordaand Advocaat WITH Thu Fahthr, Thee Eetrnal Gahd AND thu Rizen and Glorifiid Messiah Whoom now iz Hiz Eelect's AND Thu Fahthr'onlee OFISHEATOR UV EETRNAL LIIF Salvaashn FOR Hiz Elect, WHOOM thens-forth, iz avaalabl too whoom-so-ever wil taac thaaruv and until dethaply it 24/7, bii tacing within them, bii tacing within them Messiah, Hiz Elect's Deut.6:25 and John1:14 KJ Biibl Rightyusnes within them AND thus prmit Him, Thu Stone-Engraved WORD that THUNDERED frum Sinai, becaam FLESH and DWELT amung us, too NOW dwel IN us and permanentlee, and that iz acahmplishd bii taacing with-in and apliing AHL pahrts uv Messiah's Ecsodus 20 and John 1:14, KJ cnfrmd "Chaaractr Transcript Attribyoots", , becuz sinse Hiz Sacrifiis, Messiah iz Hiz Eelect's OWN-LEE EETRNAL Life SALVAASHN MEEDeaator, thu CUVENANT CNTAANING "AHRK" UV "EETRNAL LIIF SALVAASHN" PRAHMIS THAT NOW IZ AVAALABL TOO "whoom-so-evr" deeziirz too pahr-TAAC thaaruv  AND, if wee FAAL too DOO so whiil AHN rth relm, trial and testing pilgrimaaj TOO Hiz MOST Holee TEMPL in Thu NOO Jaaroosalem,
wee'll NEVER ariiv AND thus, NEVR hav acses too Thu Froot Uv Thu Tree Uv Eetrnal Liif thaarin.

(87))Hiz Eelect WORSHIP HIM AND HIM ONLEETHROO THU FORMR AHRK CONSEELING Vaal thaaruv, and too acahmudaat that reecwiirmentHee tor-open Thee Ark Conseeling Vaal thaaruv, too giv Hiz Elect un-hindrd acses thaartoo and thus, now thaa'r reecwiird too worship Messiah, thaar Gahd-Apointed High-Preest and Rabbi 24/7, by eating and drincing uv that which Hee proviided for them, via Hiz Calvary Sacrifice in thaar sted, , that thaar-bii, prmited Him too Asend into Thu Most Holee Chaambr Uv Jehovah'z Templ IN HEVEN and THENS-FORTH, PRFORM AZ HIZ EELECT's ONLY Gahd-Ordaand Advocaat with Thu Fahthr, Thee Eetrnal Gahd AND Thu Rizen and Glorifiid Messiah Whoom =NOW= iz Hiz Eelect's WUN and =ONLEE= Hii-Preest =AND= RABI ADVOCAAT WITH THU FAHTHR =AND= thaar-biiiz Thu Fahthr'z onlee OFISHEATOR UV EETRNAL LIIF  SalvaashnFOR Hiz Eelect, =WHOOM= thens-forth iz avaalabl too whoom-so-evr wil taac thaaruv =AND= un-TIL deth, APLY it 24/7, by tacing Messiah, Hiz Elect's Deut.6:25 and John 1:14 KJ Biibl cnfrmd Rightyusnes within them AND thus, prmit Him, THU STONE Engravd WORD that THUNDERD frum SINAI, beecaam FLESH and DWELT AMUNG US, TOO NOW DWELL" IN us prmanentlee, and that iz acomplished bii taacing with-in AND APLIING AHL TEN INGREEDEENT PAHRTS UV MESSIAH'ECSODUS 20 =AND= JOHN 1:14, KING JAAMZ CONFIRMED, CHARACTR" TRANSCRIPT ATTRIBYOOTS, BEECUZ SINSE HIZ SACRIFIIS, MESSIAH IZ HIZ EELECT's WUN and ONLEE EETRNAL LIIF SALVAASHN MEEDEATOR, THU WUN and ONLEE CUVENANT-CNTAANING "AHRK UV EETRNAL LIIF SALVAASHN PRAHMIS THAT NOW IZ AVAALABL TOO whoom-so-EVER deeziirz too pahr-TAAC thaaruv ANDif wee =FAAL= too doo so whiil ahn rth relmtrial and testing pilgrimaaj too Hiz most Holee Templ in Thu Noo Jeroosalem, ahbveuslee, wee'll NEVR ariiv AND thus, NEVR hav ACSES too Thu FROOT Uv Thu TREE Uv Eetrnal Liif thaarin.

(88)  Thus, thu preevious reecwirement for fizicl Temple atendans, now iz terminated, beecuz now, NAHT only matyoor malez, but AHL uv Gahd'z people are reecwired too accomplish an earth-relm trial and TESTING pilgrimaaj TOO Thu MOST HOLY Chamber uv Gahd'z New Jerusalem Temple, whaar wee may take and eat uv Thu Froot Uv Thu Tree Uv Eternal Life thaarin, and then deesend with Messiah, Thu Prinse Uv Pease-full Guvernment thaar-after, and preezide in rooler-ship with Him for a thouzand yearz, prior too being granted authority under thu new heven, on thu new earth, whaarin dwelleth Cummandment Keeping Obedeenst reecwiird Righteousnes that waz thundered frum Sinai, beecaam THU John 1:14 confirmed FLESH that dwelt amung us, shal NEVER pass away. Mat.24:35, Mark 13:31, Luke 21:33 Thu hevens and thee earth shal pass away BUT, , Mii wordz shal NAHT pass away.

(89)  In summree thus, too worship throo Thu Veil, reecwirez 2Cor.6:17 cummanded, permanent abandon-ment uv AHL hyoomanly administered worship and reeplasement thereuv with NONE uther than throo-Thu-Vaal worship, by Job 29:14, putting-AHN Ps.119:172 and Deut.6:25, =BIIBL= deefined Rightyusnes az a garment, and thenseforth until deth, pilgrimajing thus tooward Thu Mark Uv High Calling In Our wun and only High Priest, Messiah, Immanuel, Esyooah, Thu Rizen Christ, Heb.3:1, 4:14, 6:20, in Thu New Jerusalem, Hee Whoo gave Hiz Life for Hiz Sheep, , and too NAHT doo so, profanez Hiz Sacrifice that waz administered =FOR= that sole intent and purpose, and too DOO soprior too abandoning AHL manner uv hyoomanly administered worship, iz damnaashn, beecuz that involvez shaared alleejans that Gahd abhorz. Furthermore, thu Mat.18:20 here and there 2's and 3's uv Gahd'Scatered Flahc, can NEVER bee correctly defined az a congregaashn.

(90) Did yoo GET thu blatantly obvious MEANING uv that KJ-Biibl confirmed statement, that SINSE Hiz Asenshn, Thu Rizen and Glorified Christ Uv Gahd duz NAHT preezide over whutever congregaashn? Did yoo GET it? See Acts 17:24 - Gahd duz NAHT dwell in MAN-made templez and thus, niether called nor sent they that ofisheate thaarin.

(91)  Granted, in a world with MORE biiblz than peepleif whutever uv yor former frends, relativz or acwaantansez now deeseesd, were naht thus aware, then ahbveusly, thaa shall bee reewarded acordingly, beecuz niether 2Timothy 2:15 NOR ANY UTHR Biibl referens haz been hiden frum them, but, YOO now, ahr informed and thus ahr ahbligated hensforth, too conduct yor earth-realm-pilgrimaaj az Gahd reecwirez uv yoo or bee reejected when Messiah reeturnz for Hiz Saints.

(92)  Concloosivly thus, prior too Messiah'z Sacrifice, Gahd'z people worshipped az thaar local temple high priest dictated but, NAHT by thu preest-hood uv whutever temple uv THAAR choozing but, ONLY that uv Thu Temple that Gahd had constructed and ordained via Hiz Servant Mozez and thus, having established AHL ingreedeents uv Holy worship proseedyr for Hiz people, it's historicaly confirmed that in fact, that's how Hiz people worshipped Him, and thoze that did NAHT, wr stoned-too-deth AND, SINSE Messiah'z Sacrifishl deth, NOW Hee reecwirez AHL UV HIZ ELECT SAINTS worship Him eczactly az Hee deescribed Hee reecwirez uv them, , AND it's plaan and simpl, blatantly ahbveus, that ahl whoom ignore that Biibl confirmed, historical reality, AHR thu disiplez uv SAATAN and thus, destined for HELL FIRE DAMNAASHN beecuz, having torn open acses too Hiz Sinai Thundered CUVENANT Uv EETRNAL LIIF SALVAASHN, GAHD REECWIIRZ that whoom-so-ever will, speerituyooalee, MUST ENTER INTO that MOST HOLY CHAAMBR and in hed and hahrt, bow beefore and worship "THEE" =MOST= HOLY, CUVENANT contaaning MESSIAH -AHRK- UV Hiz EETRNAL LIFE SALVAASHN RIGHTYUSNES, that PRIOR-TOO HIZ HYOOMAN BRTH, wahz repreezented BY THU CUVENANT CODE TRANSCRIPT WORD, Thu CHARACTER Ingredients AttribyootsUUV HIZ RIGHTEOUSNES CONTAANING, ANGELZ enshrined, fizicl AHRC uv Eternal Life Salvaashn THAT THUNDERED frum Mount Sinai, too Hiz chozen people that AHL uv, prahmisd too Him directly, in Hiz most Holy Prezens, that too reeseeve Eeternal Life WITH Him, thay wud apply ahl TEN pahrts thaaruv az thaar personal cahnduct, 24/7, earth-relm-pilgrimaaj life-style, frum then until thaar deth, and NAHT faal too teech thaar children likewiiz, perpetyooalee, until Jehovah sent them Hiz first-born Son, hyoomn Sacrifise too taac thu plaas uv ahl animal sacrifisez, so thaa can worship Him directlee, prsonalee and individyooalee, in humblee contriit gratitood for proviiding them with acses BAC too thu staat uv thaar frst paarents, PRIOR too thaar frst paarents' Eden sin, by taking thaar AND thaar frst paarents' plaas at Calvary, so that thens-forth, thaa maa liv in total Rightyusnes, daalee, with Graasful potenshl for Reejeneraashn uv thaar ded, FLESH and BLUD soulz Gen.2:7 frum thee elements, and then REZRECSHN REEDEMPSHN frum thu CURS uv DETH, too then enter into Thu HOLEE SITEE UV GAHD and pahrtaac uv Thu TREE uv Eetrnal Liif thaarin, TOO ECSPEEREENS EETRNAL LIFE SALVAASHN FRUM THEE EDEN EARNED CURSE UV permanent SOUL deth beecuz, onlee HEE WHOOM AHL hyooman liif haz cum OUT uv, cwahlifiiz az Thee Ultimit Sacrifiis for thu transgreshnz uv AHL hyoomanitee. 

(93)   NOW that Thu Messiah Sacrifise haz PAID thu deth-debt for AHL hyoomanity, Hee HAZ opened too AHL men and wimen, Thu Most Holy Chamber Uv Hiz Spiritual Temple, so that whom-so-ever deezirez, may ENTER IN and clothe themselvez with Hiz, SAAM Exodus 20, Characteral Garments Uv Rightyusnes unto Eternal Life WITH Him"IN" Thu REZRECSHN Uv Thu JUST, when Thu CHRIST REETURNZ too establish Hiz Kingdum Uv Rightyusnes on thee earth, that in respectful consideraashn uv AHL thu profeseez relativ thaartoo, can NAHT bee laatr than Gregoree'z Calendar Date uv Thu Jewish Fahl-Seezn Feast Uv 2025..I must yet cumpaar calendrz for thu spesific daat and mii tiim iz vaaree LTD. I've spent about 25 hourz ahn it and ecspect too cumpleet it soon . . . CAHNCLOOZYN: Bee-CUZ reepeetedlee mii Calendr Recning reezults in thu SAAM "MUNTH" daat, I must a-SOOM "this" prahfesee too bee ree-TAANing "ecsplisit" =DAA= revelaashn for intrnal END-tiim aplicaashn deesizyn maacing that thee "END-TIIM"World-NOOZ Up-Daat reeports bii "Palki" at-->   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy-Sgdw4Xf     , , , rendr astahnishinglee PRAHBabl . . .    


(94) So, DOO KEEP IN MIND, 24/7, WHUT Messiah'z Ecsodus 20 Characteral Gahrments Uv Rightyusnes consist uv, beecuz OBEEDEENS iz RIGHTYUSNES and RIGHTYUSNES iz HOLY-ness that in ABsens uv, =NO= wun shal see Gahd Heb.12:14 AND, that sinse OPENING thu MOST-HOLY chaamber uv Hiz temple in Heven, for OUR personalee-free cumyoonicaashn-acses thaar-intoo, , EVERY instans uv MAN-maad temple acses =profaanz= Messiah'z Calvary Sacrifise =PROFYOOOSLY= and makes reePEETed instans in yor pilgrimaaj RECORD BOOK uv YOOO having intenshnaly TRAMPLED Messiah'z Exodus 20 FREELY ahfrd Gahrments uv Hiz John 15:10 confirmd prfect Rightyusnes. Job 29:14.

(95)  PREZENTLY, sinse Messiah'z Sacrifise and asenshn too Thu Right Hand Uv Thu Father, whaar-frum-NOW Hee administrz Hiz Authority globalee, Hiz Elect Saants worship Him 24/7, throo Thu Torn Veil, by having in thaar daaly conduct manner and life stiil habit, abandond ahl man-made temple worship and ahl that involvez congregating beefore an UN-rezurrected leadr, and in thaar inner prson spirit, hav adopted and 24/7 doo daily, moment-by-moment apply Hiz Exodus 20:1-17 KJ reecorded Character Transcript Atribyoots uv Hiz John 15:10 exampled perfect Rightyusnes, BY thus, constantly =EATing= & =DRINKing= uv "Him", , UV that with-IN Thu Vaal, with-IN Hiz Elect's -AHRK- Uv Etrnal Liif Salvaashn Rightyusnes Meedeator, that which Ps.19:7 sez that frum within, converts our Genesis 2:7 confirmed flesh and blud soulz frum SAATAN'z waa, too that uv Messiah'z John 15:10 reecorded Testimony way, thee =ONLY= Biibl stated waa uv EVER beeing elijible for Gahd'z =GRAAS= unto REESEEVAL uv “Eternal Life Salvaashn” with =HIM= !!!

(96)  If yoo ahr consrnd az too how too eventually assemble with Thu Brethren uv Thee Elect Church uv Thu First REE-Born frum thu ded, yoo hav NEED onlee too HEED this KJ Biibl Confrmd instrucshn beecuz, OBEEDEENS iz Rightyusnes and RIGHTYUSNES iz Holynes and with-OUT HOLYNESNO wun shal bee escorted THROO THU GATES and INTO Thu Kingdom Uv Gahd, too partake uv Thu Froot uv Thu Tree Uv Eternal Life thaarin and expeereens REE-birth thaarbii, Hebrewz 12:14, and in ABSENS uv such DEPTH uv ecstreemlee PASHIONATE deezire FOR Eeternal Life SALVAASHN, az cauzez yoo too welcum EVERY reecwired sacrifice for eeventual arival IN Thu Kingdom uv Gahd, very shoorly yoo shal NAHT !  Mat.6:33 & 13:45-50 

(97)  VAAREE breefly, hyoomanity iz heer ahn planet rth beecuz our Maacr iz in thu midst uv acahmplishing thu creeaashn uv an ETERNAL LIFE Kingdum Uv RIGHTYUSNES Luke 19:12, that ahbveusly reecwirez subjects uv our Maacr'z kind and calibr that thee inishl spirit embahdiment creaashnz uv, at thee outset thaaruv, ecspeereensd a permanent divizioning uv, when thee orijinally apointed LIGHT BRINGER in thu midst thereuv, sucseeded in prswaading fiiv-sixths uv thaar orijinally created cwantity too dee-FECT with him, for thee intended purpus uv OVER-THROWing and taking total command uv thaar Maacr'z TRILLIANZ uv Galaxiez and Solar Systemz that our Creator haz naamd Thu Relm Uv Thingz” (TROOTH) Rev.21:7, and staats it's thee inheritans uv Hiz created people AND that it haz =NO= reeproductiv expanshn limitaashn, Isa.9:7 AND, that HIZ people shal deelight themselvz in thee end-LESS abundans uv PEES. Ps.37:11 , 72:7 & Rev.21:7. 

(98)  Thaar-itoo, sinse thu beegining uv Hiz Spirit-Smeltering endevor that Hee inisheated too accomplish identity confirmaashn recordz uv thaa whoom ahr thu DEFECTORZ, by reecwiring a pilgrimaaj record book uv eech uv thu total cwantity uv orijinally created spirits, that in orderly and dyoo corse uv tiim, via hyooman BIRTH into thu relm uv thingz, acwire a FLESH embodiment SOUL that prmits Relm Uv Thingz trial and testing ahcyoopansee AND at thu cncloozyn uv our Maacr'z Spirit-Smeltring endevr thus, Hee'll then judje ahl and reeward ahl in direct acordans with thaar record-book confirmed identity-preferens that nearly AHL uv, ahr so UN-consrned about, az too spend thu =TOTAL= uv thaar trial and testing identity-confirming pilgrimaaj, seeking TEMPORAL enjoyment, insted uv eventual Eternal-Life in Thu Kingdum Uv Gahd, whaar arrivrz thaarin, INHERITahl THINGZ and dee-LIGHT themselvz in thee ABUNDANS uv PEES . . . Ps.37:11 , 72:7 & Rev.21:7

(99) It'NAHT that Gahd iz UN-awaar uv whoom DID or did NAHT deefect BUT, that Hee haz givn EECH uv us this "RUT", Realm Uv Thingz pilgrimaaj ahportoonity too proov by individyool,
pilgrimaaj-tiim cahnduct
HEER, WHOOM wee preefr too bee thee Eetrnal-Life srvants uv AND, having reecorded thu pilgrimaaj uv eech uv us, Hee simply OPENZ that record too us on Judjment day:  , , and I sah thu ded, small and graat, standing beefor Gahd, , and thaar pilgrimaaj record books wr opened and ahlso, Thu Book uv Etrnl Liif Salvaashn wahz opend AND, , thu rezrected, preeveusly ded wr judjd frum thu cahntents uv thaar ownpilgrimaaj recordz , , etc., etc., , , ,

(100) I REEPEET, that thee ONLY profeticly aplicable =DATE= for Messiah’z reetrn, iz a spesIFIC Calendr DAA”,  =prior=too= thu Jewish Fall feast uv 2025/26 ANDaz iz King-James -Biibl-Staated,  it SHAL ocur,  at preesiselee, three and a haf daaz” -AFTR- thu DETH uv THU TWO WITNESEZ, ahn street in Jeroosalem, when THAAR ministry CONCLOODZ thus AND, that fyootyr reecorder witnesd DAAT can NAHT bee =CHAANJD= AND, frum 19d12m2021y az I bee TYPING this, that prmits yoo a TOTAL cwantitee uv VARREE FYOO daaz too GET YOR ACT TOO-GETHR.  Too sahlv "prahfesee" DAATS-DOUBTS, , =NOTE= whethr it's =GLOBALLY= acsepted that thu "BC" and "AD" historicl refrensez ahr =BAASD= ahn Messiah's =BIRTH= praphesee: "Beehold a Virjin shal cnseev and bring forth Immanuel, Thu Christ." , quoted frum a 1933-vintaaj memory; so srch it out for yor SELF, while keeping in MIND that even, , "WEE SAH HIZ STAHR IN THEE EEST AND HAV CUM TOO WRSHIP HIM.", , can bee trasd with thu HUBL telescop . . . 

(101) FAHLS-LEE asSOOOMing that beeCUZ Gahd'z Mrsee endyoorz for-EVR and thus, that a humbl litl praar uv jenyooin sorrow will CAHM-pensaat, , duz NAHT eeraaas thu Biibl staatments that cnfrm thu praarz uv thee UN-reepentant, ahr an abahminaashn AND thus, that un-TIL if EVER, yoo DOO reepent uv yor SAATAN chois uv mentor, yoo're simplee ading mor fyool too yor hel-fiir-damnaashn smudje that Thu Biibl speeks uv with thu wrdz,", , and thu smoke uv thaar torment asendeth up for EVR and EVR". CJ-Biibl Rev.14:11   Ahlso, thu reepentans definishn uv orthudahx reelijn, iz thee ahpusit uv thu cahntent uv Cing-James John 15:10.

(102) Gahd'MRSEE endyooring forEVR duz NAHT rendr yor absens uv reepentans az cwahlificaashn for worthines thaaruv AND, thu definishn uv forevr iz NAHT "EETRNL"; it's, FOR AZ LAHNG AZ CUNDISHNZ ECZIST, and in ABSENS uv Messiah'z vaaree OWN, KJ-John 15:10 testimonee having been eczampld in YOR record book frum thu moment uv yor reepentans, until yor pilgrimaaj dethyoo'll bee cast into Hell FIRE beecuz uv NAHT having reePENTed; It'THAT Simple !”  Endyrans & Elijibilitee ahr enTIIRlee DIFrent ATtribyoots u

 If yoo preefr too LISEN insted uv READ, , "CLIC" thu fahloing green lingc and skip ahed uv thee opening sahng . . . 
This second 


My frst "VOCAL" sermon heeron, iz available at thee opening heeruv, titled: SABBATH  MEMORIAL
Aftr decades uv "Elect Church" Ministering, I've published only 217 sermons BUT, , that list iz available.

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