presents these Exodus 20, John 15:10, and 1John 2:4

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    The Bible references of Hebrews 4:14, 5:9-10, 7:26 and 8:1, confirm all need for pastors, preists and rabbi, was terminated when Messiah ascended to The Fathers Right Hand, where from He tore open access to His Temple's most Holy Chamber, He now being The Father's only advocate, He grants none other than Hiz Elect Holiness, when they worship Him via that torn vail opening, meeting with Him there, where The Mercy Seat iz anchored on The Ark of Hiz eternal life salvation, Sinai thundered Covenant.

    Do note thus, that to get up to the mercy seat, requirez eligibility therefore, by worshiping Him via 24/7, John 15:10 confirmed obedience to His Sinai thundered Covenant. Also, note that without The Covenant, there would be NO Messiah, The Covenant Messenger, and that without Messiah, there would be no Savior and thus, NO eternal life salvation, and that is why the entirety of the only gospel taught in the AKJV, the only in context confirmed version of holy bible, entirely is based on hiz ark enshrined, eternal life salvation covenant that the fourth part thereof, confirms that in absense of totally committed, 24/7 respect for hiz memoreal of creation temporal rest, you'll not partake of his eternal rest.

    Yes! Hiz Mercy does endure forever but, endurance and eligibility are entirely different attributes and, in absence of respect for hiz sinai thundered love law of Malachi 2:5-6, Romans 2:13 and Revelation 22:14 confirmed eternal life salvation, you're not worthy of hiz merciful grace and thus, not being eligible therefore, you'll be cast into hell fire with the vast majority of humanity that does not want eternal life, as is prophesied in reference to Noah's days. A breif inspection of the Bible references hereto, confirms salvation by grace refers to how and not whether, and whether is clearly revealed in such references as Romans 2:13 and Revelation 22:14 among various others. The very source of eternal life salvation states: "IF YOU OBEY MY COMMANDMENTS, YOU'LL ABIDE IN MY LOVE.", and other of Esyoo's, Messiah's words confirm damnation is the reward for all that do not abide in his love. The knowledge of how salvation is received, is of no value to those whom ignore the bible stated conditions that directly pertain to whether.

    Similarly, if your residential mortgage holder gave instruction on whom to make mortgage payments to, until his return to grant you possession, and you ignorantly made all of those mortgage payments to an entirely different person, could you ever expect to claim ownership? In like manner, ignoring the command to study and show yourself an approved discerner of god's words, shall deprive you of all right to claim eternal life salvation.

    NOTE thus, that because there is no historical record of Esyoo being addressed as jesus or jeezus, until more than 200 years after his ascension, the prayers of the unrepentant, being an abomination, applies to you directly. It was the Greeks that profanely assigned Esyooah the swine keeper and pig-farmer title as his name, when he was first taught there, because the phonetics of their language, have no allowance for pronunciation of Esyoo in a vocally similar manner to how it's pronounced in Hebrew. By pronouncing the English alphabet symbols of S and U together, smoothly and consecutively, you are pronouncing the Messiah's name of Esyoo, and by adding the AH symbols and sound to it when bowing in prayer, you're expressing respectful PRAISE of His Majesty, the prince of peace and son of the most high god TO whom, The Father Granted ALL power in Heaven and on Earth. In Romans 2:13, the world's most often quoted Bible writer states, ONLY THE DOERS OF THE LAW SHALL BE JUSTIFIED. , and in Revelation 22:14, the only disciple that stood WITH Messiah, when He was brought before Pilot, states: BLESSED ARE THEY THAT DO HIS COMMANDMENTS, THAT THEY MAY HAVE RIGHT TO THE TREE OF ETERNAL LIFE, AND MAY ENTER IN, THROUGH THE GATES, TO PARTAKE THEREOF.

    Conclusively thus, if your worship manner involves other than the father's only Bible confirmed advocate, your worship rejection thus profanes Messiah's Calvary Sacrifice and thus, destines you for Hell Fire Damnation. The AKJV Bible record of Galations 6:17 Commands God's People to come out of all religious organisations to be reseived by God, because you can not reseive of Him, until you've been reseived by Him and, because history confirms Messiah was never profanely addressed as either jesus or jeezus, until profanely named thus by the Greeks, when he was first taught there, more than 200 yeerz after Hiz ascension, ignoring that factual, historical reality shall cost you total absense of all potential for being SAVED by Hiz GRACE, because BOTH jesus AND jeezus are the Greek title words for swine keeper and pig-farmer, the closest sounding Greek alphabet combination to Messiah's historically confirmed Hebrew name of Esyoo and its praise form of ESYOOAH.

    The minimal quantity of elect members of hiz end time, scattered flock church of the first born, doesn't permit them to congregate and thus, az profesied, thay worship ALONE or in twos or threez, UNTIL gathered together in the wilderness place of safety AND, these AKJV Bible facts confirm that if you are part of whatever religious congregation, that fact ALONE, confirms you are not one of God's elect members of hiz end time wilderness church of the first born BUT, that sad fact of reality does NOT prevrent you from heeding the akjv, Galations 6:17 command to become a disciple of the master's flock and thus, an elect member of hiz end time, Hebrews 2:23 and Colossians 1:18 wilderness elect church of the first-born. Also, if your religious culturing has resulted in the mental rupture of a none scriptural rapture and thus, caused you to think you'll be taken out of instead of through whatever prophesied trials and tribulations as is promised by the savior, that is your choice of bible words interpretation.

    If you are one of the millions that satan has deceived into being totally convinced that you have BEEN reborn, although NOT having followed Messiah's supreme example of rebirth, by having been reborn from the dead, there is nothing in this message that prevents you from maintaining your preference of attempting entrance into eternal life by following OTHER THAN the one and only master plan and example that the son of God has provided for all of his elect. Obviously, we all must choose because NO one ELSE can do that FOR us AND, if your choice is other than as God himself has directed and commanded you to choose, in that case, you're ignoring the blatantly obvious reality of all such as John 15:10, Romans 2:13 and Revelation 22:14 BUT, that, entirely, is YOUR business that NO one else has ANY least right to interfere with and neither do I, the end time messenger hereof whose individually convinced belief is as many times is Bible stated and that being: THE KEY TO ETERNAL LIFE, IS OBEDIENCE TO GOD's LAW.

    Granted, if you were as profanely cultured in modern English expressions as I was, you also may require a number of months to eventually discontinue the blatantly common profane use of God's name, by instead, substituting the back then commonly OLD English expressions of I IS or I BE, IF such as Exodus 3:14 and 20:7 have any significance in your perspective of what God requires of his elect, as daily lifestyle example and PROOF of having heeded the simple reality of all such as Hebrews 2:13 that says: ONLY THE DOERS OF GOD'S LAW SHALL BE JUSTIFIED.

    Also, IF your earth realm pilgrimage goal is eventual ENTRANCE INTO HEAVEN, you will not find ANY guidance thus in the AKJV Bible that proclaims: NO MAN ASCENDS INTO HEAVEN, EXCEPT HE THAT CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN. Messiah's SACRIFICIAL BLOOD covers the 1st-John 3:4 Bible definition of SIN for ONLY the permanently repentant, and for the sole purpose of permitting them entrance into THE KINGDOM OF GOD, wherewith, Messiah as global KING, shall engulf all world governments and rule planet earth for a thousand years, and at the END thereof, ALL that have lived, including Adam and Eve, shall be comprehensively and conclusively JUDGED, as to WHETHER their earth realm pilgrimage conduct renders them recipients of eternal life OR hell fire damnation. See Hebrews 2:13, AKJV, the original and ONLY Holy Bible version with IN CONTEXT confirmation of BEING, THE HOLY BIBLE.

    On the other hand, IF you've chosen the most common orthodox teaching of a death-bed repentance to escape hell fire damnation on, it's obvious you didn't consider the potential of eternal life, as being worth the time required to search it out and apply the Bible definition of REPENTANCE FROM The 1st John 3:4 Bible definition of SIN that requires actual, calendar duration of personal life style conduct confirmation that in fact, personally applied respect for Messiah's John 15:10 Testimony EXAMPLE, is what you've accepted as THE Bible confirmed, mandatory requirement of PRIOR significance, of personally applied, calendar duration inclusion to CONFIRM the Bible definition of personal repentance conduct that application of, permanently EXPIRES AT death AND thus, results in a DEATH bed repentance consisting of nothing more than EMPTY words, because the death bed hopeful recipient thereof, has NO more trial and testing pilgrimage time to confirm PERSONAL conduct respect for Messiah's John 15:10 example as having been preferred, adopted, AND 24/7 APPLIED.

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